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Gang involved in slaughtering and transporting cattle was caught.


May 21, 2024

A case has been registered against eight accused in the cow slaughter and transportation gang.

Makdon police station arrested the accused who was absconding in the case of cow slaughter and transportation.

Search continues for four other absconding accused.

Gulshan Paruthi | Ujjain | Under the direction of Superintendent of Police, Ujjain, instructions were given to arrest the accused involved in illegal smuggling of liquor, drugs, cattle etc. In this sequence, in the case crime number 127/2023 section 429,295-A IPC. 4,6,9 Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act, 25 Arms Act accused Mohammad Qasim father Abdur of Makedon Police Station who was absconding for two months. Baseer Abbasi, who had already been arrested by Narwar police station, during interrogation, also accepted his involvement in the cow massacre that took place in Jhalra village of Makedon, due to which Makedon police registered a case against the accused under Makedon crime number 142/ Have done. police station. 2024 Formal arrest was made under Section 429,295-A IPC, Section 4,6,9 Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act and presented in the court. The police have already arrested other members of the said gang and the search is on for the other four absconding accused. More than dozens of crimes have been registered against accused Mohammad Qasim’s father Abdur Baseer Abbasi in the past in Indore and Ujjain districts.

Criminal record of accused Mohammad Qasim father Abdur Baseer Abbasi-

1. Police Station Sadar Bazar District Indore-

A. Crime No. 47/2003 Section 294, 506, 34 IPC.
B. Crime No. 458/2011 Section 363, 366, 34 IPC. 3,1,10 SC/ST Act.
C. Crime No. 39/2013 Section 188 IPC.
D. Crime No. 56/2013 Section 147, 148, 149, 323, 294, 506, 336, 324 IPC.
E. Crime Number- 354/2012 Section 25 Arms Act.
F. Crime No. 425/2012 Section 13 Gambling Act.
G. Crime Number – 183/2016 Section 34 Excise Act.
H. Crime No. 417/2011 Section 13 Gambling Act.
I. Crime No. 40/2015 Section 323, 294, 506, 34 IPC.
H. Crime No. 242/2015 Section 323, 294, 506, 34 IPC.
A. Crime No. 298/2017 Section 323, 294, 506, 34 IPC.

2. Police Station Chandan Nagar District Indore-

A. Crime No. 462/2007 Section 294, 427, 506, 34 IPC.
B. Crime No. 10/2009 Section 294, 506, 34 IPC.

Commendable work – In the formal arrest of the accused, Makdon police station incharge Shri Ramkumar Kori, Sub Inspector Pradeep Singh Rajput, PR Manohar Jatav, R. Ramamurthy Rawat played the lead role.

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