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Grand Felicitation: Parasmal Kotadiya Celebrates 75 Glorious Years with Warm Wishes from All Quarters


Jan 5, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani): The way of living life at the age of 75. An inspiration for those who are disappointed with life. Life is the name of vivacity. Some people are unhappy even in grand palaces, and some are happy even in poverty, playing the role of Maula. Petlavad of Jhabua district: life is called liveliness; people live like dead hearts or ashes. This saying is often heard in films as well.

Some are unhappy in grand palaces, and some are happy even in poverty.

There are two aspects of happiness and sorrow in human life. One experiences happiness and sorrow according to one’s karmic system. Despite all the comforts and facilities of a good lifestyle, some people remain sad and cry, and many people remain unhappy even after facing poverty and worldly troubles. They remain cheerful, consider every moment of life as the last, and live that moment happily.

In this way, every person has their own different style of living. The new generation gets shattered by the slightest touch of sorrow.

There are many people around us from whom we can learn the art of living life, where today’s generation gets hurt and dejected by the slightest hurt of sorrows and troubles and even takes the step of committing suicide, while the elders of the olden times took the step of committing suicide. We have seen scenes that cannot even be imagined, and such elders are role models for the new generation and us.

From whom can one learn how to live life?

There are many elderly people in Vradhaashram who ignore their family members and tolerate the pain. Apart from this, many senior elders are forced to live in Vradhaashram due to the neglect of their families, while many elders are helpless in body and mind, suffering the pain of life, and waiting for the last moment to bid farewell.

God has immense blessings for some people.

But there are some elderly people who, due to the immense blessings of God, are living their lives in a different way, being healthy in body, free from mind, and rich in wealth.

Similarly, the elderly, or should we say young elders, are well-known social workers in the area, senior devotees, leaders in social and religious activities, and renowned businessman Parsamal Kotadiya of Raipuriya.

A grand event took place, and famous personalities participated.

Kotadiya celebrated its 75th year in the private garden of Gant Nagar, and famous personalities from far and wide in the area participated in this event. there was a lot of discussion all around about the manner in which this event was organized. A grand entry, love from family members, cake cutting, delicious dishes, and wonderful arrangements added charm to the event.


On the 75th anniversary of Samani Parasmal Kotadiya of the area, there was not only a rush of congratulators but also the officials of Lions Club Greater, Journalists Association Uttam Group, Bank Institutions, Traders Association, BJP, Gram Panchayat Raipuriya, Friends Group Raipuriya, Bala G Group Jhanda Bazaar, Yuva Morcha Raipuriya, and Gram Raipuriya. Jain Samaj, Terapanth Sabha Karvad, Terapanth Sabha Calcutta, Police Department Petlawad, Raipuriya, Jhabua Mandsaur, Medical Department Petlawad, Raipuriya, senior public representatives, including dignitaries, relatives from far-off places, friends, The family honored Kotadiya by presenting him with a shawl, quince, flower garland, bouquet, and memento, while Cabinet Minister Ms. Nirmala Bhuria and MP Damor extended their good wishes and congratulations through telephonic conversation.

people appreciated

However, behind every grand event is also the power of money. But still, everyone present at the event was saying that, at the age of 75, someone should learn the art of living life vigorously from Kotadiya.

I am overwhelmed by the congratulations, love, and respect received from all of you. And I am grateful to all of you from the bottom of my heart. May you maintain this love throughout your life.

Parasmal Kotadiya Raipuriya 

image-31-1024x682 Grand Felicitation: Parasmal Kotadiya Celebrates 75 Glorious Years with Warm Wishes from All Quarters
image-32-1024x682 Grand Felicitation: Parasmal Kotadiya Celebrates 75 Glorious Years with Warm Wishes from All Quarters
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