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Urs Mubarak Rambhapur setting an example of Hindu Muslim unity.


May 24, 2024
Urs Mubarak Rambhapur setting an example of Hindu Muslim unity.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani | Jhabua | Hazrat Syed Gabon Shah Wali Rehmatullah Alaih’s (Mazar) Sharif 6th Urs Mubarak was completed in Rambhapur with the help of Sarvdharma Urs Committee. The centuries-old miraculous Dargah near the pal of the pond in Rambhapur of Jhabua district presented an example of Hindu-Muslim unity with the Ganga Jamuna culture. A wonderful Qawwali program was organized on Sharif! In which on Wednesday at 2:00 pm, Chadar was presented by the religious leaders collectively at the Dargah and on Thursday, Mehfile Qawwali was organized with Langre-e-Aam (Bhandare).

In which Qawwal Yusuf Farooq Sabri Javra, Naushad Sholay Ajmeri Sarwar Sharif Rajasthan, presented many Kalams whose lyrics are (1) This is the karma of Gaban Shah Wali (2) Wherever you look, the words of Khwaja are strong (3). Kabe main tera jalwa is a sight in Kashi, this too we love, that too we love. When we read one such kalam after another, thousands of devotees present in the crowd started dancing. Qawwali continued till 5 in the morning in a wonderful event including the district. People from the surrounding areas also brought blessings in which pilgrims from Kushalgarh, Rajasthan, Dahod, Gujarat were also present. The police administration had an important contribution in making the program successful. Rambhapur Sarvadharma Urs Committee also welcomed the guests and other committee members and journalists.

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