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Annual health checkup was conducted in Ujjain |


May 26, 2024
Annual health checkup was conducted in Ujjain |

Annual health checkup was conducted in Ujjain Police Unit under the direction of Director General of Police.

Organization of free health check-up and counseling awareness camp of all officers/employees by expert doctors in Community Police Bhawan under the aegis of Ohm Sai Farishte Foundation.

A total of about 700 officers/employees and their family members from Ujjain city and rural areas were present in the camp.

Gulshan Paruthi | Ujjain | Under the direction of Director General of Police, Bhopal, under the able guidance of Inspector General of Police Ujjain Zone Ujjain Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Navneet Bhasin, Superintendent of Police Ujjain Mr. Pradeep Sharma, to physically strengthen the police officers/employees in Community Building Police Line Ujjain. And keeping in mind their health and fitness as well as the health of their family members, a one-day free health training program was organized with the courtesy of Ohm Sai Farishte Foundation.

Today, on 25.05.24, in the training program, complete health checkup of 570 police personnel above 45 years of age, 100 police personnel below 45 years of age and their family members was done by specialist doctors, Dr. Paritosh Rajput, cardiologist, Dr. Swapnil Pendharkar. Stomach liver specialist, Dr. S.K. Sharma (Police Medical Officer Police Line Ujjain) Enteritis Specialist, Dr. Pushpendra Jain Day General Surgeon, Dr. Vishal Patidar Chest Asthma, T.V. Disease Specialist, Dr. Gargi Value Oncologist, Dr. Shilpa Kothari Gynecologist, Dr. Varun Kothari Skin/Cosmetic Specialist, Dr. Pragyan Tripathi Ayurveda Panchakarma Specialist, Dr. Jitendra Sharma Medical Officer District Hospital Ujjain, Dr. Umesh Rai Medical Officer Railway Hospital Ujjain, Dr. Devesh Pal, then physiotherapist, Dr. Priyanka Pal, Dr. Sarfaraz Khan, Dr. Samvay Gokuldas, Dr. Jitendra Raikwar, Founder President Sai Farishte Foundation Officer conducted complete health checkup of the police personnel and their family members.

Inspector General of Police inspired all the policemen present to do physical exercise daily to become health conscious. Superintendent of Police and Additional Superintendent of Police Ujjain honored all the specialist doctors by giving them bouquets, citations and mementos.

Reserve Inspector Shri Ranjit Singh Ranaut expressed his gratitude to everyone by providing food, all the senior officers of Ujjain Police were present in the said camp.

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