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Ujjain Police Date 30.06.24▪️ Big action by Badnagar Police Station.

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Jul 1, 2024
Ujjain Police Date 30.06.24▪️ Big action by Badnagar Police Station.Discover the latest news and actions big taken by Badnagar Police Station Ujjain on June 30th, 2024.

Gulshan Paruthi – Ujjain

▪️Disclosure of the incident of theft of goods including a truck worth 50 lakhs.
▪️A stolen truck and the car used in the incident were seized from the accused.
▪️Total goods worth 46 lakhs were recovered.
▪️Two crimes of theft are already registered against one of the accused.

As per the instructions of Ujjain Superintendent of Police Shri Pradeep Sharma and under the able guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police (Rural) Shri Nitesh Bhargava, the police team disclosed the incident of theft of the truck of complainant Bhagwan Singh Rathore in the intervening night of 14.06.2024 and 15.06.24. In which goods worth Rs 46,00,000/- have been seized.

Description of the incident –
On 16.06.24, the complainant Bhagwan’s father Hukum Singh Rathore resident of Shikshak Colony, Badnagar informed at Police Station Badnagar that on 14.06.2024, I had loaded about 30.990 tonnes of soya DOC from Avi Agro Soya Plant Chandukhedi in my truck no. MP 09 HH 4701 and parked the truck in front of Saraswati School, Badnawar Road, Town Badnagar at around 06:00 pm and went to my home Shikshak Colony, Town Badnagar. The next day on 15.06.2024 at 08:00 am, my truck was not found at the place where I had parked it in the evening. Even after searching around, I could not find the truck, the unknown miscreant stole my truck along with the goods and took it away. On the report of the complainant, crime no. was registered at Police Station Badnagar. An investigation was started immediately by registering FIR No. 289/2024 under Section 379 IPC.

Ujjain-Police4-1024x576 Ujjain Police Date 30.06.24▪️ Big action by Badnagar Police Station.

Police action –
Since the crime was serious and related to property, a police team was formed under the proper guidance of senior officers an investigation was started from every angle of the incident and informers were deployed. During the investigation, the police checked the CCTV footage around the spot and also made the registration number of the stolen truck available to the nearby toll nakas. The police team has continuously raided the possible places of truck theft since the date of the incident. On 29.06.2024, information was received from the informer that Saddam alias Fakkad, son of Balo Khan, resident of Balkhad, district Khargone, along with his two other accomplices, is trying to empty the DOC and sell it in Dhule (Maharashtra). On receiving the information, the police team reached Dhule (Maharashtra). Where the said stolen truck was seen going, the police chased and surrounded the truck and stopped it. Before the police arrived, 02 accused managed to escape from the moving truck and the police team managed to catch 01 accused. On asking the name and address of the arrested accused, he was identified as Munir Khan, resident of Ghasale Colony, District Dewas.

On strict interrogation of accused Munir by the police, he told that the said truck was stolen from Badnagar by his other two companions Saddam Khan and Golu Sharma, and brought to Saddam’s village Balkhad, where it was loaded and then the truck was to be taken to Dhuliya, Maharashtra for sale. Mahindra XUV no. MP 41 ZD 6777 was also being used by the accused in the truck theft incident, which was said to have broken down on the way between Sendhwa and Badwani and was parked in the garage in Badwani. Later, accused Munir was arrested and the truck and XUV were duly seized. The search for the absconding main accused Saddam and accused Golu Sharma is on in the case.

Modus operandi –

During interrogation, the accused said that they identify trucks loaded with goods after doing recce and then finalize the deal with the buyers of the goods in advance. They chase the identified truck with another vehicle and steal the truck loaded with goods as soon as they get a chance. After stealing the goods, they sell the goods to the buyers and sell the empty trucks in different states. Two similar previous criminal records of accused Saddam Khan have also been found. Details of the accused – (1) Munir alias Sonu father Mubarik Khan, caste Muslim, age 33 years, resident Ghasale Colony, District Dewas (arrested) (2) Saddam alias Fakkad father Balo Khan, caste Mewati, resident Balkhad, Police Station Balkawada Khargone (absconding) (3) Golu father Shivsharan Sharma, caste Brahmin, age 24 years, resident Kundanpur, Tehsil. Siroj District Vidisha (absconding)

Criminal record:-
Accused Saddam Khan –
(1) Crime No. 193/2013, Section 379 IPC, PS Kasrawad, District Khargone
(2) Crime No. 161/2017, Section 379, 102, 120B IPC, PS Thikri, District Badwani.

Stolen goods –
(1) Truck No. MP 09 HH 4701, worth Rs. 35,00,000/-, (2) Soya DOC 30.990 tons worth about Rs. 15,00,000/-.

Seized goods –
(1) Truck No. MP 09 HH 4701, worth Rs. 35,00,000/-, (2) XUV car No. MP 41 ZD. 6777, worth Rs. 11,00,000/-,

Total seizure value Rs. 46,00,000/-.

Commendable role –

Sub-divisional officer Mr. Mahendra Singh Parmar, Police Station Incharge Badnagar Inspector Ashok Patidar, Inspector Rakesh Chauhan, Inspector Pratik Yadav (Cyber ​​Cell), Sub-Inspector Mansingh Vaskale, Prar Prem Sabharwal, Prar 16 Mahesh Jat, Prar Rahul Rathore, R. 476 Rupesh Parle, R. 939 Ajay Chauhan, R. 1314 Sandeep Bamnia, R. 1771 Jeevan Singh, R. 1853 Lalit Solanki, R. 1759 Yogesh, Soldier Amarsingh Chauhan.

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