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Tremendous enthusiasm in Congress regarding Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra – Ratlam will go to participate in the road show on March 6.


Mar 4, 2024
Tremendous enthusiasm in Congress regarding Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra – Ratlam will go to participate in the road show on March 6.

Jhabua Rahim Sherani Rahul Nyay Yatra for unemployed youth and against inflation – Kantilal Bhuria The second phase of Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra has arrived in Madhya Pradesh under the leadership of former president of National Congress Party and national leader Rahul Gandhi. The Nyaya Yatra being undertaken by Congress Party’s national leader Rahul Gandhi during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has brought enthusiasm in the weakened Congress. On March 6, the yatra is entering Ratlam Jhabua Alirajpur parliamentary constituency, for which the former cabinet minister of Jhabua, Kantilal Bhuria, visiting many places and explaining the purpose of the yatra, is talking about corruption, exploitation of farmers, unemployment and inflation under the BJP rule.

In a strong attack, they are talking about joining the Nyay Yatra to support Rahul. In the same sequence, due to the efforts of popular MLA of Thandla Assembly Virsingh Bhuria, a large meeting of Congress workers was organized in the local Nai Mandi courtyard. District Organization Minister Jaswant Bhabar, Block President Gendal Damor, Thandla MLA representative Arun Ohari Block President Clemency Dodiar, senior leaders Prakashchandra Ghodawat, Ali Asgar Patwari, Rajesh Jain Kau, Ramesh Bhatewara, Lalit Munia, Shayda Bhabar, Sanjita Katara, Dinesh Patidar were present in the meeting. , Yamin Shaikh, Chensingh Damor, Asharam Patidar, Kalusingh Nalwaya, Bhuru Singhad, Navalsingh Nayak, Nandlal Patel, Kalu Bhuria, Shanti Singhad, Rajesh Damor, Roshan Baria, Kali Chhagan, Raisingh Sehlod, Virendra Baria, Ralu Vasunia, Masul Bhuria, including elder Congress panch, sarpanch and workers were present in large numbers. Kantilal Bhuria, a senior Congress leader, excited by his eagerness to go on the Nyay Yatra and his anxiety to see and meet the district leader, said that the BJP rule is the rule of a dictator. Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a liar, he said that till date there has never been a Prime Minister in the country who has told so many lies.

Bhuria compared Modi to Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein and said that if the young farmers and businessmen of the country do not wake up yet, then Modi will sell the country by becoming a fake patriot. Referring to the Ram temple, he said that the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had laid the foundation of Ramlala’s temple, that is why today on the orders of the Supreme Court, construction is being done there with billions of rupees of the people of the country. For this, a trust has been created there, but to take advantage of it in the elections, Modi consecrated the incomplete Ram temple, perhaps he felt that this time he is not going to come. In the meeting, many leaders including Organization Minister Jaswant Bhabar accused the District Panchayat CEO of corruption and accused him of influencing the work at the behest of BJP and said that it has been two years but not a single new work has been found, this is because of this government. Is the development of. MLA Virsingh Bhuria, while inspiring all the workers to unite and raise their voice in public interest, said that today we are in the opposition, hence we will have to struggle, but do not kneel before them and do not give them even a single penny as bribe. He said that when any work is done, it is evaluated, uploaded on the computer and then payment is made, in such a situation the CEO or anyone else does not have the right to issue a notice and they should not be fooled by paying for it.

Have to go to your parliamentary constituency Ratlam on 6th March before 4 pm and go there and support the Nyaya Yatra by joining the road show of national leader Rahul Gandhi. During this, while giving the mantra of victory in the Lok Sabha elections, he said that BJP is distorting the votes by 10 to 15 percent through EVMs, in such a situation, we will have to keep our victory margin more, only then we will be successful in removing the anti-people BJP government. Will be able to. He pledged to everyone to win Thandla Assembly with a big lead. Ghulam Kader Khan conducted the program and Christina Dodiyar expressed gratitude.

image-6-1024x576 Tremendous enthusiasm in Congress regarding Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra - Ratlam will go to participate in the road show on March 6.

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