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Thousands of devotees approved Sai in Sai Bhandare.


Jun 2, 2024
Thousands of devotees approved Sai in Sai Bhandare.

Rahim Sherani Hindustani Jhabua | Meghnagar | A huge bhandara was organized at the Sai temple on the occasion of 24th Foundation Day at the famous Sai temple of the city. Sai Baba’s Jalabhishek and Dudhbhishek was performed at the famous temple of Meghnagar city, after that Baba was adorned. The temple courtyard complex was decorated with electrical decoration and lamps.

Havan-pujan took place in the presence of scholar Pandito.

The priest of Sai Temple and the Chief Yajaman of the Yajna was given the completion of Havan, after which the Maha Aarti of Sai Baba was performed at 12.10 pm. During this time hundreds of Sai Bhakta were present in the temple premises. After the Aarti, Sai Baba’s beloved Khichdi Prasadi was distributed. A Maha Bhandare was organized for Sai devotees and devotees at 12:30 pm, which continued till late night, despite the scorching heat, devotees to get Sai Prasadi despite the scorching heat The enthusiasm of the youth workers who helped the devotees who were getting food and distribution were seen as well as enthusiasm among the members and workers of the temple committee!

Sai-Bhandare.-2-1024x684 Thousands of devotees approved Sai in Sai Bhandare.
Sai-Bhandare.-5-1024x683 Thousands of devotees approved Sai in Sai Bhandare.
Sai-Bhandare.-3-1-1024x660 Thousands of devotees approved Sai in Sai Bhandare.

Popular social worker Suresh Chandra Jain (Pappu Bhayya) also took advantage of Aarti, Meghnagar Sub -Divisional Officer Revenue Mukesh Soni also participated in the grand event of Sai Temple. By late night, more than 8 thousand devotees attained the merit of receiving Prasadi in Bhandare.

After the evening Aarti of Sai Baba, Bhandare was stopped. At the event, Dhamendra Patidar, Sunil Sanghvi, Amit Dwivedi, Mahesh Prajapat, Kanu Kaka Patel, Alok Pandey, Pawan Solki, Vikas Bafna, Raju Prajapat, Lakhan Devan , OP Yadav, Pujari Prakash Dubey, Setan Prajapat, Sachin Prajapat, Pyare Lal, Aadi were present in large numbers and all the members of Sai Mahila Mandal played an active role in the event.

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