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There is a need to run a media literacy mission in the country: Prof. K.G. Suresh


Jun 10, 2024
There is a need to run a media literacy mission in the country: Prof. K.G. Suresh

Only positive and motivational news will brighten the future of journalism: Prof. Neelima Gupta, Vice Chancellor

Bhopal/Gulshan Paruthi: Under the aegis of the Department of Communication and Journalism of Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, a dialogue on the topic of media literacy was organized in the Gaur Committee Room under the Media Dialogue Series. The chief guest at the event was Prof. K. G. Suresh, Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Communication University Bhopal and the program was presided over by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Neelima Gupta.

Prof. K. G. Suresh said that today media literacy is being discussed everywhere. It is important to understand the difference between media education and media literacy. Media education paves the way for livelihood but media literacy is necessary for every common citizen. Today is the era of new media. Every person is busy with his mobile device. On the one hand, while the use of new media and internet has promoted democratization, it has also created many crises and challenges. A large part of our life has become connected to social media. Many serious incidents are happening due to the increasing trend of selfies and reels. The internet is full of fake content. Gate keeping, filtration of information, professional rules and laws, code of conduct are important and necessary parts of the journalism profession. But terms like citizen journalism are weakening the importance of this profession. A citizen can be a content creator, a communicator using new technical tools, but it would not be appropriate to call him a professional journalist.

bhopal-2 There is a need to run a media literacy mission in the country: Prof. K.G. Suresh

Today there is a great lack of ground reporting. Malinformation, misinformation, disinformation, all three things are being adopted. During the Covid pandemic, we believed many information to be true which in reality had nothing to do with the truth. Video and photo morphing, cyber crime, manipulation through artificial intelligence, economic crimes, fake accounts, all these are increasing continuously. There is a great need to create awareness about all these and the ability to see and understand them. Therefore, media literacy should be made a mandatory part of the curriculum from school to higher education and it should be run in the entire country as a mission.

Delivering the presidential address, Vice Chancellor Prof. Neelima Gupta said that media no longer means only newspapers. Now news starts getting broadcast in media immediately after the incident occurs. There was a time when the whole world used to wait for the newspaper in the morning for news but now the time has changed and people see and hear the news instantly. Today is the era of artificial intelligence. Humans have also made a lot of progress in robot technology. But many misuses of this are also coming to the fore. We need to understand this. Addressing the students, she said that in this era of professionalism, there is a need to do journalism with impartiality and truth. Positive news and motivational news should be given priority. Only then will the future of journalism be bright. She said that we can start media literacy from the adopted villages. A question paper on media literacy has also been implemented for the graduate students of the university. This is a positive initiative.

bhopal-1 There is a need to run a media literacy mission in the country: Prof. K.G. Suresh

The program was conducted by Saloni Sharma, a researcher of the department. The subject introduction was given by Dr. Aleem Ahmed Khan. The guest introduction was given by Dr. Vivek Jaiswal. The Head of the Department Prof. Kalinath Jha expressed. On this occasion, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Dr. Rajneesh, Dr. Devendra Vishwakarma, students of the Department of Communication and Journalism, researchers and researchers from other departments of the university were present.

An academic MoU will be signed between the university and MCU

In the dialogue program, both the Vice Chancellors announced that soon an academic agreement will be signed between Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar and Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Communication University, under which there will also be student and faculty exchange. Through this, students will participate in technical training, research and other academic activities.

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