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The last worship was successful – Kamalabai Peecha’s Santhara was conducted.


Jul 6, 2024
The last worship was successful – Kamalabai Peecha’s Santhara was conducted.The final worship for Kamalabai Peecha was successful, and her Santhara was conducted with devotion and respect.

Rahim Sherani Hindustani – Jhabua

After the last darshan, the Sangh took out a palanquin and the family members performed the last rites.

Thandla The fruition of the merits accumulated over millions of births and the penance of a lifetime is that the last wish of the devotee is fulfilled at the last moment. In Jain philosophy, death with Pandit Maran (Santhara) is considered a festival. The path of liberation for such a devotee is of short life. Hitisha, grandmother of Pratik Peecha, mother of Vimal Kumar Peecha, resident of Thandla, great-grandmother of Dirgh, religious and well-wishing Mrs. Kamala Bai Bhogilal Peecha (90 years), was made to renounce the four foods and the Santhara by the simple-minded Sadhvi Pujya Shri Nikhilshilaji M.S., seated in Thandla, shortly after Bhavacharim Pratyakhyan. On hearing the news of her Santhara, the Shwetambar community started thronging to her residence for the last darshan. Everyone was helping him in religious worship by having his last darshan and wishing him eternal happiness with the Navkar Mantra, Arihant Sharanam Pavajjami, Siddhe Sharanam Pavajjami, Sadhu Sharanam Pavajjami, Kevali Panattam Dhammam Sharanam Pavajjami.

His Santhara was completed at 1:50, after which his last journey was carried out in the form of a palanquin, in which the senior members of the entire Sangha paid tribute to him by garlanding him with a shawl and approving his qualities, while the family members lit the funeral pyre.

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