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The delegation from abroad saw the Prime Minister’s “Har Ghar Water Mission” after reaching Tillourkhurd.


Feb 26, 2024
The delegation from abroad saw the Prime Minister’s “Har Ghar Water Mission” after reaching Tillourkhurd.

INDORE Geetkar Damodar Virmal As per the resolution of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the scheme of providing tap water to every house in the entire country is being implemented. Last day, the delegation from abroad reached Tillourkhurd village of Indore district and saw the work done under this mission and also discussed with the villagers. Mr. CK Udiya, Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department, who was present on the spot, said that the scheme has been implemented in Tillourkhurd village at a cost of Rs 323.66 lakh. Under this, a water tank has been built and drinking water is being supplied to every house through tap. Due to this, tap water is reaching 1461 houses in the area. 7369 population of the area is benefiting from this. On the arrival of the delegation, Sarpanch Mrs. Priya Dharmendra Thakur and other dignitaries of the village welcomed them with flowers and songs. The foreign delegation seemed overwhelmed by the welcome. Drinking water reached lakhs of homes in Madhya Pradesh through Jal Jeevan Mission.

  • Under Jal Jeevan Mission, an ambitious target has been set to provide drinking water to all the rural families of the state through functional household tap connections.
  • At the beginning of the mission, 13.53 lakh households (12.10%) were getting tap water. Since then, tap water has been provided to an additional 54.09 lakh households (55.01%). As of 21 February 2024, 67.62 lakh households (60.45%) of Madhya Pradesh are getting potable water directly through tap. Schemes for the remaining 44.76 lakh (40.01%) families are under implementation.
  • Single village schemes worth Rs 17 thousand 166 crore have been sanctioned for 26 thousand 261 villages (56.09 lakh families) and are being implemented by the Public Health Engineering Department.
  • Similarly, 148 Multi Village Schemes (MVS) costing Rs 62 thousand 439 crore for 35 thousand 587 villages (75.45 lakh families) have been approved and are being implemented by Madhya Pradesh Jal Nigam. Out of 35 thousand 587 villages of approved MVS, drinking water will be supplied to 11 thousand 618 villages only through bulk connection.
  • Connection to 100% households in 12.025 villages by 21st February 2024 and recorded as “Har Ghar Jal Gaon”.
  • Burhanpur district of the state got the distinction of being the country’s first “Har Ghar Water Certified District”. After this certification, Niwari district has also become “Har Ghar Jal Reported District”. Thus, two districts in the state, Burhanpur and Niwari have become “Har Ghar Jal” districts respectively.
  • Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country to obtain “NABL Certification” for all its district level laboratories.
  • Madhya Pradesh currently ranks fourth in the country in the “Clean Water Security Campaign” run by the Government of India.
  • Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of sources (97%) geotagged and currently ranks first in the country

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