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The crowd gathered in Bhagoriya of Bhagor says that Bhagoriya started from Bhagor itself.


Mar 22, 2024
The crowd gathered in Bhagoriya of Bhagor says that Bhagoriya started from Bhagor itself.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani |Jhabua | Every day is filled with excitement with the Bhagoria Mahotsav in which elders, children, youth, women and women are participating in the joy of Bhagoria. It is said that Bhagoriya Mahotsav was first started from this village Bhagor which is flourishing in many districts today. Today’s Bhagoriya was organized in village Bhagor in which Jhabua MLA Vikrant Bhuriya along with his supporters danced to the beats of Gair Rally Dhol Model. The joy of Bhagoriya of Bhagor brought out was amazing at its peak. Young men and children were competing in the gathering of swing-chakris, while women and girls were seen taking the material for their decorations. The same elders were seen dancing to the beat of the drum. Children were engrossed in taking toys and youth were enjoying cold drinks. Proper arrangements for Bhagoria Mahotsav were made by the Gram Panchayat in which Sarpanch Bhuriben Bhabor, Secretary Bhurji Katara, Employment Assistant Vikas Verma, Mobilizer Munna Meda, District CEO PC Verma had special support. He also came and observed the situation of Bhagoria festival. Under the leadership of Kalyanpur police station in-charge Nirbhay Singh Bhuria, the entire team was standing alert from the security point of view. Meanwhile, the police personnel, troubled by the tug of war among the youth, showed their reality. The DJ vehicle, which was painted in its own colours, was also confiscated. Due to the sharp vigilance and vigilance of the police, no untoward incident took place in the entire Bhagoria Mahotsav. Bhagoria festival was celebrated with great pomp.

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