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Sufi music evening of Indian Journalism Festival ‘Laagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan’


Jun 23, 2024
Sufi music evening of Indian Journalism Festival ‘Laagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan’Sufi music at the 'Laagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan' evening, a captivating event at the Indian Journalism Festival

Bureau Chief Gulshan Paruthi | Gwalior |

Sufi singer Kapil Purohit and singer Simarjit Kaur enthralled the audience with songs and bhajans.

The evening of the second day of the three-day Indian Journalism Festival organized by State Press Club MP in Jal Auditorium was dedicated to Sufi music. On this occasion, Sufi singers Kapil Purohit and Simarjit Kaur gave a powerful performance of songs and bhajans which the music lovers will keep in their memories for a long time. Both the artists sang Sufi songs and bhajans in such a unique style and mood that the listeners appreciated it wholeheartedly.

This Sufi evening of Laagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan” was full of heart-touching songs and music from the beginning till the end. State Press Club MP President Praveen Khariwal and Navneet Shukla inaugurated this Sufi music night by lighting the lamp. The chief guests were Santosh Singh and Dr. Jitendra Matlani. Sudesh Tiwari and Pushpak Soni welcomed the guests and artists.

After that Kapil and Simar sang such songs that the audience did not leave their seats till the end.

“Maine Piya Hai Prem Ka Pyala”, “Kale Baal”, “Ye Prem Ke Dhaage”, “Mera Dil Tumse Pyar Karta Hai”, “Aao Humare Aangan Me”, “Mera Man Meri Garibi Mein Hai”. the series of songs and bhajans started with this, “Meri Hut Ka Bhaagya Khulega Aaj” ended with this. On the request of the audience, both the singers enthralled everyone by singing songs like “Matkar Maya Ka Ahankar” se “Chaap Tilak Sab Chhini”, “Mere Maula Maula”, “Tere Naam Se Jilu”, “Pal Bhar Chain Na Aayi”, “Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram” in their velvety and powerful attractive voice.

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Kapil’s specialty is that he draws long notes and sings on the normal pitch in which his voice is heard. This is why he can do complete justice to great singers like Kailash Kher and Sukhwinder Singh. Music was composed by Rupak Jadhav. The accompanists were Yogesh, Sachin, Jayant, and Prashant. The program was conducted by Jitendra Singh Bhatia and the vote of thanks was given by Sudesh Tiwari.

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