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Startups Shine at GCPRS Exhibition

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Jul 7, 2024
Startups Shine at GCPRS ExhibitionGain exclusive insights into the groundbreaking innovations showcased by startups at the prestigious GCPRS Exhibition.

Mahesh Dhoundiyal – Delhi

• Focus on Industries: The conclave featured panel discussions on plastic waste recycling in the automotive, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. • In-depth Discussions: A three-point agenda was extensively covered. • Government Support: Six central government ministries actively cooperated in organizing the event.

The four-day ‘Global Conclave on Plastic Recycling and Sustainability’ – GCPRS Exhibition concluded on Sunday at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan. Organized by the All India Plastic Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) and the Chemicals and Petrochemicals Manufacturers Association (CPMA), the conclave aimed to maximize plastic waste recycling, boost the economy by creating employment opportunities, and advance environmental protection.

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The GCPRS showcased an exhibition on plastic waste recycling technology, drawing participation from entrepreneurs and experts in the plastic industry from India and abroad. Panel discussions underscored the rapid growth of India’s plastic recycling industry, projecting it to reach $6.9 billion by 2033. Key issues in plastic waste management were also addressed. Speakers highlighted the global nature of plastic waste management, emphasizing the need for collaboration among all value chain participants and the government.

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Discussions with industry entrepreneurs revealed active efforts to enhance plastic circularity and ensure effective regulatory implementation. The exhibition displayed numerous innovations, particularly from startups, reflecting significant achievements in the industry. Participants included plastic recyclers, waste processors, machine manufacturers, startups, municipal corporations, and industry-related brands from India and abroad.

The three-point agenda of the conclave included managing and recycling plastic waste to ensure process sustainability, encouraging innovations in recycling technology raising awareness, and strengthening the country’s circular economy.

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Overall, the ‘Global Conclave on Plastic Recycling and Sustainability’ (GCPRS) successfully achieved its objectives, highlighting the importance of innovation and collaboration in tackling plastic waste challenges.

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