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Sarla Meghani is not only a good singer but also a great human being, 23 March – special on her birthday.


Mar 22, 2024
Sarla Meghani is not only a good singer but also a great human being, 23 March – special on her birthday.

Indore. Tahir Kamal Siddiqui. Many celebrities were born in Indore, the city of Goddess Ahilyabai and brought fame to the city across the world. Indore is the birthplace of playback singer Lata Mangeshkar. Famous poet Rahat Indori also made the name of this land famous across the world. Sarla Meghani, who has made her mark with a very soulful voice in the country’s cleanest city Indore, is working to take the legacy of music forward with her hard work, passion and enthusiasm. However, there is a huge crowd of singers in Indore. But those who have understood singing correctly and have learned the delivery of words are counted even today. Sarla Meghani is counted among those capable artists who have the right expertise in singing. She is not only a good singer but is also an excellent human being. There is no dearth of people who like singing with a clean heart and humble nature. Today is his birthday on 23rd March. It is said that he did not get respect and fame in the world of music just like that. He learned the nuances of singing. She practices harmonium for at least an hour every day. He improved his voice with Riyaz. Even when Sarla sings in Sindhi language, people are amazed. On the basis of such amazing singing, she has done many successful shows in Indore and Mumbai. Gradually people’s love and fame is increasing in this too. She gives full credit for her success to her teachers Vaishali Bakore, Chunnilal Wadhwani as well as her husband Ram Menghani. The music lover says about the city of Indore that the music lovers here bestowed upon her many blessings, respect and prayers. Regarding the future, she says that I fulfill my duty of singing with full honesty and hard work, leaving no stone unturned.
Celebrates her birthday very simply on 23rd March. This year too, on the occasion of his birthday, he has requested everyone to keep his blessings and good wishes always. Along with a clean and healthy Indore, I also wish for a safe Indore (following traffic rules). In this, cooperation and contribution of all citizens was also requested.

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