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Sakrani’s Bihar business partners get a Goa trip as a gift


Jul 6, 2024
Sakrani’s Bihar business partners get a Goa trip as a giftSakrani's business partners from Bihar receive a Goa trip as a gift, recognizing their contributions and fostering stronger business ties.

Mahesh Dhoundiyal – Delhi

Business partners are a very special part of Sakrani Group, therefore Sakrani has been taking special care of them. Sakrani honors its business partners from time to time. The result of the Bihar region is very special for the Sakrani Group, therefore Sakrani is also celebrating the victory. The credit for this wonderful victory goes to the business partners of Bihar. The business partners here are dedicated to the work wholeheartedly and have full faith and support in Sakrani. Therefore, the market of Bihar is showering its love on Sakrani. Sakrani, after embracing the abundant honor received by Sakrani, gave a special gift of a Goa trip to its special 60 business partners. On this special trip, Sakrani Chairman Dr. Ashok Gupta ji met all the business partners and also had a special discussion on business growth.

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Under the supervision of Sakrani Sales Head Mr. Raman Kumar Chaudhary, proper arrangements were made for the travel and living of Bihar business partners. The business partners from Bihar expressed their happiness about the enjoyable trip to Goa and thanked Sakrani Group. Sakrani encourages its business partners for their excellent performance and the honor given to them and promises to continue rewarding their determination with gifts.

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