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Retired employees’ felicitation and farewell ceremony


Jun 12, 2024
Retired employees’ felicitation and farewell ceremony

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Jhabua

Jhabua: Retired employees of various departments who retired on 31 May 2024 were bid farewell on Wednesday evening. The ceremony was organized under the chairmanship of Collector Neha Meena. District Pension Officer Mrs. Mamta Changod honored the officers/employees of various departments on their retirement in the month of May 2024 by presenting them with a flower garland, shawl and Tulsi plant, and also provided them with the necessary documents related to their ownership, PPO/GPO. In his address, the Collector told the retired employees that how we remain busy with our daily routine during service, now use the experience of the long period of service for the upliftment of the society in the remaining time, social family responsibilities in which you did not participate during the service period, now you should fulfill them with confidence and best wishes were given for the future life.

In this honour and farewell ceremony, all Mr. Zafarullah Khan, Moin Ali Bohra, Laxman Katara, Ishwar Singh Barmandaliya, Punamchand Meda, Kamlesh Kumar Meda, Virendra Singh Chauhan, Narayan Landge, Mahendra Singh Mandloi, Jagdish Panchal, Subhash Chandra Rathore, Dilip Sharma, Natwar Singh Nayak, Mrs. Shanti Bilwal, Kamla Meda, Hemlata Meda, Lata Verma, Karma Hatila, Uma Shukla were honoured on their retirement by presenting them with garland, shawl and Tulsi plant. On this occasion, Assistant Commissioner Tribal Department Mrs. Nisha Mehra, BEO Meghnagar Dilip Narayan Singh Nayak, BEO Ranapur Jaynarayan Bairagi, Manohar Das Chauhan, Dinesh Pargi, Assistant Pension Officer Magan Singh Yadav Assistant Grade-2, Mr. Jayant Bairagi of Progressive Pensioner Association, the programme was conducted by Ms. Mona Gidwani. At the end of the programme, Mrs. Mamta Changod, District Pension Officer expressed her gratitude.

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