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Promising students of the Muslim Meo community were honored

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Jul 9, 2024
Promising students of the Muslim Meo community were honoredJoin us in celebrating the achievements of promising students from the Muslim Meo community.

Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui – Indore

Under the banner of Mewati Panchan Shiksha Vikas Samiti Indore, more than 60 promising children of the Muslim Meo community who passed class 10th and 12th in the meritorious category, and 5 Meo children who qualified in NEET were also honored with mementos and citations at Milan Garden Khajrana Indore. In the program, the first female MBBS doctor Reshma Meo from an area of ​​about 50-60 thousand population of 40-50 villages of Chhoti Mewat (Satwas, Kannod Kathegaon), and the first MBBS doctor Afsan Meo of the Meo family from Nimar region Dharampuri and Dr. Aman Meo from Sarangpur, Advocate Altaf Meo were also honored with mementos and citations. The magazine The Meo of Indore Meo community was also released from the stage. In which the photographs of all the meritorious students were published along with their names. In this program, Professor Asad Khan gave important information related to careers to the children. At the beginning of the program, all the important officials of the Meo Panchayats of the Meo community in various cities of the state, who are carrying out social work and bringing glory to the Mewati community with their remarkable work, were also honored on the stage by tying turban and putting a pearl garland on them. Newly elected state president of the Meo community, Asgar Meo Songiri (Mandsaur) attended the program as the chief guest. He was warmly welcomed by the Indore Meo community. On this occasion, prominent members of the Indore Meo community were Nizamuddin Chishti, Ayub Bhai Meo, Haji Zakir Guddu, Haji Naeem Maulana, Haji Zameer Meo, Abdul Hamid Meo, Haji Ashraf Meo, Haji Irfan Chishti, Haji Qurban Meo, Haji Abid Hussain Meo, Siraj Meo (Former DSP), Haji Anwar Qadri Maulana, Shakoor Meo Tempo Wala, Peer Mohammad Munna Bhai Alwasa, Jafar Meo Delhi Diesel, Farooq Meo, Khalil Sir, Aslam Meo, Saeed Meo, Shakeel Meo, Zafar Meo (Babloo), Firoz Pathan Meo, Rabin Meo, Ayaz Meo, Maqsood Meo, Mubarak Meo Maksi, Salim Meo, Safdar Meo Contractor, Sajid Meo, Haji Apart from Marghub Meo, Shakeel Bhuria, Samiullah Meo, prominent people of Meo Panchayats of Meo community from Ratlam, Mandsaur, Alot Agar Malwa region, Nimar region, Satwas, Kannod, Dewas, Ujjain, Shajapur, Shujalpur, Bhopal, Vidisha, etc. participated as guests. The program was conducted brilliantly by Abdul Hafiz Meo and Advocate Mohammad Sharib. The introduction of the organization was presented by the patron member of the committee Shamshuddin Chishti and thanks were expressed by Asif Meo.

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