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Private schools will not be forced to purchase uniforms, books and notebooks from a particular shop.


Mar 18, 2024

Gwalior Pavan Paruthi:- District Magistrate Mrs. Chauhan issued an important order under Section 144. Private schools will have to upload the list of books included in the curriculum on their website.

Only the books prescribed by the regulatory board should be used in teaching.

Gwalior 17 March 2024/ Private schools of the district will not be able to force students and their parents to buy uniforms, books and copies etc. from any particular shop. In this direction, Collector and District Magistrate Mrs. Ruchika Chauhan has issued an important order under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to end the monopoly of school operators, book publishers and sellers. If any school disobeys this order, the director, principal and all members of the board of directors of the concerned school will be considered guilty. On violation of the order, action will be taken under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.
Collector and District Magistrate Mrs. Chauhan has clarified in the order that it is mandatory for private schools to have their own website. Principals and directors of private schools will have to compulsorily upload the list of compulsory books for all classes on the website of their school before the examination results. Besides, this list will also have to be displayed on the public notice board and other places of the school. Apart from this, it will have to be ensured that this list is made available to the parents of the children also. Principals and managers of private schools will have to compulsorily send information about books and publishers etc. related to the entire curriculum of each class of their school on the email address deogwa.mp@nic.in of the District Education Officer.
In the order, the Collector has made it clear that parents will never be forced to buy the listed books after or before the examination results. Depending on the availability of books, parents will be able to buy books for their children till June 15. Therefore, the first 30 days of the academic session starting in the month of April can be utilized in teaching students through orientation, practical knowledge and psychological methods.
The District Magistrate has mentioned in the order that apart from the books published and printed by NCRT and Madhya Pradesh Textbook Corporation under the syllabus prescribed by the regulatory boards like CBSE, ICSE, Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh etc., books of other publishers and printers are banned for teaching in schools. Be done. Also, in order to increase the price, students should not be forced to buy books other than the curriculum by including books other than the curriculum in the set of books. The name of the school should not be mentioned on any type of teaching material. The grade type, size, value and page number should be clearly marked on the notebook and copy.
It is mentioned in the order that no school will be able to prescribe more than two uniforms. Blazer and sweater will be in addition to this. The uniform will have to be determined in such a way that there is no change in it for at least three years. Students will not be forced to buy other types of costume clothes at the time of annual function or other events. In case of subjects in respect of which no book is published by the regulatory body, then before recommending the book related to that subject, school administrators will ensure that the content of the book is not objectionable, which is likely to disturb public peace.
Through the order issued by the District Magistrate, it has also been made clear that the directors, principals and parent teacher associations of private schools will ensure that private publishers, printers and sellers of books do not use any means to promote their books in the school premises. Do not enter school under any circumstances.

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