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Prayers for peace and harmony were sought: Shahi Chadar brought from Hyderabad.


May 31, 2024
Prayers for peace and harmony were sought: Shahi Chadar brought from Hyderabad.

Prayers for peace and harmony were sought: Shahi Chadar brought from Hyderabad was presented at the Dargah of Dada Peer.

Tahir Kamal | Indore | Thousands of people from the Muslim community visited the holy shrine of Sufi Saint Dada Peer Hazrat Niaz Ali Shah Naqshbandi at Tukoganj and offered flowers of devotion. Like every year, this year too, under the leadership of Sufi Hazrat Mir Muztaba Yazdani Baba from Hyderabad, after the Fatiha of Kul, according to Sufi customs (traditions), prayers were offered for peace in the country while offering Shahi Chadar and flowers of devotion. After this, Langar-e-Aam continued throughout the day from Yazdani Baba’s side.

Khadim Anees Khan said that in the annual Urs, Yazdani Baba honoured Mufti-e-Malwa Maulana Noorulhaq Noori, Maulana Anwar Qadri, Executive Officer Ashfaq Hussain Khajrana’s Annu Patel, Mahfooz Pathan, Doctor Khaliq-ur-Rehman, Sajid Guddu, Sajid Royal, Farhan Kapadia, Aslam Khan etc. During this, a large number of devotees including Umar Hyderabadi, Minhaj Sharif, Shanu Bhai, Jahangir Nawab, Afsar Hyderabadi, Sultan Rizvi were present. The program was conducted by Anees Khan. On this occasion, Maulana Anwar Qadri said that one should follow the teachings of Hazrat Niaz Ali Naqshbandi, because – they do not let the beads of rosary scatter, they never let the one who makes it get spoiled.

Bring back the beauty of Shab-e-Malwa.

Expressing concern about the record-breaking heat in the country’s cleanest city, Sufi Mir Muztaba Yazdani Baba from Hyderabad appealed to the pilgrims to plant a tree in their homes. This will be your personal contribution to the society. Because if the environment is saved, lives will be safe. He said that for the betterment of the environment for the coming generations, now there is a need to make Clean City Indore a Green City. So that the natural beauty of Shab-e-Malwa can return.

Respect is made by character.

Mir Muztaba Yazdani of Hyderabad, while discussing, talked about following the footsteps of Dada Peer Hazrat Niaz Ali Naqshbandi. He said that respect is not made by wealth, fame or power, but respect is made and received by a good character.

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