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Phang Festival celebrated with great pomp |


Mar 26, 2024
Phang Festival celebrated with great pomp |

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani |Jhabua | Thandla selfless Shri Shyam Seva family, Khatu Shyam Bhajan Sandhya Kirtan from house to house, Maha Purnahuti of Akhand Jyot, on the occasion of Holi Color Mahotsav, Shyam family, by decorating the court of the famous grand Baba Khatu Shyam from the ancient well of Soni locality, made Akhand Jyot popular with supernatural adornment. A large number of Shyam devotees made offerings to Lord Baba Khatu Shyam and prayed to Lord Baba Khatu Shyam for the welfare of the world, happiness and prosperity in the family, everyone to be healthy and along with Baba, people along with the Shyam family along with the natural colors of perfume and flower rain, social workers representatives also Mothers, sisters and youth power took advantage of Maha Aarti by playing grand Holi by singing and dancing with drum beats and milk and sherbet snacks. Everyone had a banquet, after which the program concluded.

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