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Organization Surili Bichat honored Sarla Meghani, Alka Bhargava and Rakshika Mehta.


Apr 16, 2024
Organization Surili Bichat honored Sarla Meghani, Alka Bhargava and Rakshika Mehta.

Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui | Indore | Last evening, Sastha Surili Bichaat organized a very melodious gathering titled “Shifa Ki Asha-2” based on the songs sung by the great versatile singer Asha Bhosle. In which three special women powers of the city, Mrs. Sarla Menghani, Alka Bhargava and Rakshika Mehta were honored with attractive shields and floral tributes for their unprecedented services for the purpose of social upliftment. Shifa Ki Asha-2″ The lead singer of the program Shifa Ansari, Sarla Meghani, Anubha Khadilkar, Ravindra Shinde etc presented beautiful singing.

Shifa Ansari embodied the title ‘Shifa Ki Asha’ and sang the songs of Asha ji with her special delivery. She enthralled the audience with a volley of songs and it seemed as if she had become absorbed in her singing. Anubha Khadilkar and Ravindra Shinde, who had come from Mumbai, added to the program with equal enthusiasm. All the listeners who had come from far away places to listen to Asha ji returned with full praise and blessings to the organizers of the program.

In their brief address, everyone unanimously said that if you have strong will power and firm intentions then no work is impossible.
Now if we talk about the success of the programme, the music team and anchor also play an important role in it. For which full credit should be given to Abhijeet Gaur’s musical team and Mona Thakur’s stage management.

In the end no amount of praise would be enough for Gopal Wadhwa, who brilliantly played the various roles of organiser, singer and assistant director.

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