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NSUI submits memorandum to Collector for removal of Ranapur BEO


Feb 28, 2024
NSUI submits memorandum to Collector for removal of Ranapur BEO

Jhabua Rahim Sherani:- NSUI official submitted a memorandum to the Additional Collector for the removal of Ranapur BEO from the District Collector. It was told in the memorandum that a few days ago, the girls in Kanjawani Hostel had complained about being dumped and bed touched by the peon there. On which the investigation team from Bhopal reached Kanjawani Hostel and recorded the statements of the girls, whereas the girls complained several times to the hostel superintendent, still no hearing was given to the girls. Ranapur Block Officer BEO also lives in the block. The one who inspects all the school hostels and sees the problems there, then how was BEO unaware of the problems of Kanjawani hostel. There is a hostel somewhere in Ranapur block where the daughters of the tribal community study by staying in the hostel and the parents of the daughters. They work without any worries. Parents think that their daughter will stay in the hostel and study well and get a job. But what do those parents know? Their daughters are not getting food in the hostel, they are being mistreated, Jhabua district. It is a tribal district, most of the people here go to Gujarat Darki and keep their children in hostels to study so that their children can study well but due to the lack of care of the authorities, girls are no longer safe even in the hostels, Ranapur Beio which is Jhabua. He is appointed to the post of Principal of Dhekal High Secondary School, village of the block. Then he has also taken the post of Principal of one Lavya School located in Moradundiya Panchayat of Ranapur Block. Moradundiya School is a residential school. BEO has the charge of Principal of two blocks, Ranapur. He is also appointed to the post of BEO of the block. How will two schools be merged? How will he inspect all the schools of Ranapur block? After all, why are so many posts being given to one teacher? There is no hostel superintendent in all the hostels of Ranapur block, yet no one is appointed by the BEO. Action is not taken because BEOs do not go to the field so anyone can come into the hostels and commit an incident.
NSUI has requested the Collector that Ranapur BEO should be immediately removed and appointed to his original post.
So that the students studying in Ranapur Hostel can get good facilities, Vinay Bhabar, former NSUI District President!

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