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Nomination from Thursday, Congress rally on 24th, BJP rally on 25th April.


Apr 16, 2024
Nomination from Thursday, Congress rally on 24th, BJP rally on 25th April.

The nomination process for the Lok Sabha elections will start from April 18.

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani |Jhabua Ratlam | The last date for submitting nominations is 25th April. Withdrawal of nominations can be done till April 29 and the list of candidates will also be released on the same day. Voting will take place on May 13 and counting of votes will take place on June 4. The process for Ratlam Lok Sabha seat will be from Jhabua. That means nominations will be submitted here and after counting of votes the results will also be declared from here. The returning officer is Jhabua Collector Neha Meena.

The work of distribution and collection of material will be done from three places in Jhabua, Ratlam and Alirajpur districts.

Till the final publication (February 8) of the voter list on Ratlam Lok Sabha seat of 8 assembly constituencies.

20,84,882 voters are registered In 2019 this number was more than 18 lakh 50 thousand. Voting will take place at 2358 booths More than four thousand employees will perform duty in the election process in Jhabua district. Their training programs are going on. The work of distribution and collection of material will be done from three places in Jhabua, Ratlam and Alirajpur districts. Counting of votes will also take place at one place each in the three districts. The number of votes will be compiled and announced from Jhabua. The team of Jhabua district will give duty at 34 booths of 17 panchayats of Bori area falling in Alirajpur district. Actually despite being in Alirajpur district, this area is included in Jhabua assembly constituency.

Barricading done entry closed unnecessarily.

With the release of the notification entry of people into the Collectorate will be limited at the time of submission of nominations. Only employees and wanted people will be allowed inside. Even with those submitting nominations, a limited number of people will be able to go inside at a time. Along with the Collectorate complex, barricading has also been done on the excellent road in front.

Parties busy preparing for nomination rallies.

Congress candidate Kantilal Bhuria will file nomination on April 24. Party District President said invitation has been sent to National President Mallikarjun Kharge. The program has not come from there yet. There is a possibility of his coming. Many big leaders of the state will also come.

Here a big rally of BJP candidate has been kept on 25th April, the last date for nomination.

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav can come in this. There is also news that party candidate Anita Chauhan will file nomination on April 18.

Details of movable and immovable property abroad will also have to be given in the affidavit.

Nominations for the Lok Sabha elections will start from April 18. Candidates will have to give an affidavit in Format-26. As per the instructions of the Election Commission, it is mandatory to give details of any property abroad in the name of the candidate in the affidavit. He will also have to give PAN (Permanent Account Number) in the affidavit. The oath has to be taken before a Public Notary or Oath Commissioner or First Class Magistrate. No column of the affidavit should be left blank. Last date for affidavit nomination Deposits can be made till 3 pm on the same day. According to the decision of the Supreme Court, if a candidate leaves any column blank in the affidavit and information to this effect has been given to the candidate by the Returning Officer through notice and the candidate still does not fill the column completely, then the nomination paper is cancelled. Will go. The District Election Officer has asked political parties that candidates should not leave any column blank in their affidavit while submitting nomination. If any information in any column is null then ‘Nil’ or ‘Not applicable’ should be written there.

Posters with information about mock poll will be put up at polling stations.

During the elections posters will have to be put up outside every polling station to provide information related to the mock poll to the voters and polling agents of political parties and candidates. Before starting the voting process through electronic voting machine, a mock poll is conducted and after the mock poll, the machine is allowed to vote again.

Is prepared for During this action takes place in 6 stages. In these stages during the mock poll, after at least 50 per cent of the votes have been cast, the close button is pressed, the result is obtained by pressing the result button, it is decided that the results have been received from the EVMs for each candidate.

Bhuria held meetings in villages prepared for nomination of 24.

Here after the resignation of Ratlam District Congress President, Jhabua MLA Dr. Vikrant Bhuria is continuously visiting the rural areas of the district to inspire the dejected workers. On Monday also, Dr. Bhuria visited two divisions and discussed with the workers regarding the preparations for nomination. Nomination of Congress candidate is to be held on 24th April in Jhabua. Congress leader Prabhu Rathore said that in Ratlam Rural Assembly constituency, Dr. Bhuria met workers and local leaders in Bangrod and Bilpaon areas. During this, he has also asked the workers to ensure the presence of maximum workers in the nomination rally to be held on 24th.

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