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Need to be careful about cyber security – Dr. Varun Kapoor660th workshop under “Black Ribbon Initiative” “Sankalp” campaign concluded


Feb 29, 2024
Need to be careful about cyber security – Dr. Varun Kapoor660th workshop under “Black Ribbon Initiative” “Sankalp” campaign concluded

Bhopal Gulshan Paruthi (under the “Black Ribbon Initiative” “Sankalp”), the 660th workshop on “Cyber Crime and Cyber Security” was organized by Dr. Varun Kapoor, Additional Director General of Police, at The Winners Institute, Indore on 27.02.2024 in which the participants of the Institute 362 students and 08 lecturers participated in this workshop. Institute Director Mr. Aditya Patel, Manager Mr. Manoj Morya and Vipin Tale, Branch Manager Prasun Barve, Quality Manager- Avinash Rathore, Faculty- Unnati Jain, Asst. Branch Manager Manager- Hina Saini and Live Class Associate Mr. Nikhil Hurley participated. At the beginning of the workshop, Institute Director Mr. Aditya Patel welcomed Dr. Varun Kapoor by presenting him a bouquet.
In the workshop, Dr. Kapoor called upon everyone to make joint efforts to prevent cyber crime and said that cyber crime is a global problem. Cyber security is important to prevent this. In this era of technological development, it is important to understand its criminal and security aspects and find solutions. To protect against the attacks of cyber criminals, every person has to become knowledgeable as well as aware. While using cyber space, we can accidentally commit a mistake and become a criminal. The use of computers and smart phones has become common in our daily work. In such a situation, danger always remains. Our slightest carelessness can make us a victim of cyber crime. Be it smart phone or computer, we need to be careful about cyber security. Every person is using the internet every day. Along with our daily work, we are reaching out to any part of the world through social media, Facebook, Instagram. Apart from this technology being a boon, it also has many dangers for us. Criminal class is committing cyber crimes through cyber crimes like bullying, stalking, phishing and grooming etc. Keep security standards in mind to protect yourself from cyber crime. Do not accept friend request from unknown person. Do not click on unknown links. Do not accept unknown video calls. Avoid anyone’s greed/temptation. Do not share PIN number and password with anyone. In case of any objectionable, threatening or blackmailing situation, immediately inform your parents and the police. Keep changing the passwords of social media, email accounts, net banking, e-wallet etc. from time to time and do not share them with anyone. Use cyber space cautiously and responsibly. Dr. Kapoor urged the students to maintain self-control. The habit of youth on social media and online gaming can be fatal. People are also becoming victims of gaming disorder due to spending too much time in online gaming. To avoid this, schedule online gaming content and time. Naturally accept the monitoring done by your parents and teachers which is in your best interest.
Dr. The curiosity of the students was solved easily by Varun Kapoor. Abhay and Santosh, the two students who performed excellently in the workshop, were awarded Dr. Kapoor honored him by giving him a certificate and golden badge. At the end of the program, Dr. was presented by the Director of the Institute, Mr. Aditya Patel. Varun Kapoor was presented a certificate and memento.
Helped in the successful conduct of the seminar. Fighter Mrs. Neeti Dandotia, Inspector Mrs. Poonam Rathore and their team members had important contributions.

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