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National Akali Dal’s demonstration with electricity meters against the loot of electricity companies


Jun 30, 2024
National Akali Dal’s demonstration with electricity meters against the loot of electricity companiesNational Akali Dal stages a demonstration with electricity meters to protest against the exploitation by electricity companies.

Mahesh Dhoundiyal – New Delhi

Consumers should get the right to choose electricity companies along the lines of mobile companies – Pamma.

National Akali Dal today demonstrated with electricity meters at Jantar Mantar against the loot of electricity companies in the capital and demanded the government to rein in these companies. On this occasion, National Akali Dal President Paramjit Singh Pamma demanded the Central Government to make such a system so that consumers get the opportunity to choose electricity companies along the lines of mobile companies. This will provide great relief to consumers and will benefit them.

Under the chairmanship of Paramjit Singh Pamma, party workers demonstrated and raised slogans against electricity companies. They were carrying placards and banners in their hands regarding stopping the arbitrariness of electricity companies and making electricity bills free from GST. On this occasion, under the leadership of Pamma, a memorandum was given to the Power Minister of the Central Government and appropriate action was demanded.

As soon as the protesters started moving towards the Parliament House, the police stopped them in front of the Parliament Marg Police Station. On this occasion, while addressing the demonstrators, Pamma said that the government should rein in the electricity companies. Pamma asked the government to announce such a scheme that there should be an option to choose the electricity distribution company (DISCOM) like the telephone and mobile provider companies, so that the arbitrariness of the electricity companies can be stopped.
Pamma said that earlier mobile companies had to pay Rs. 16 per minute for outgoing calls, while for incoming calls they had to pay up to Rs. 8, but now due to more companies, the competition has increased so much that they are trying to attract customers by bringing the cheapest scheme. Similarly, if other companies come into the electricity companies, then the customers will get cheap and good service.
Pamma said that the Central Government had assured that to rein in the electricity companies, such a system would be made on the lines of mobile companies so that the consumer can get the right to choose the electricity company as per his wish. With the implementation of such a system, consumers will get relief from bills worth thousands of rupees. Pamma said that today the situation has become such that electricity companies are charging bills worth thousands of rupees from consumers by imposing various types of taxes and the government is turning a blind eye. Common people are suffering due to these increased bills. To provide relief to the common people, the government should take concrete steps because of their problems.

On this occasion, many members including Daljit Singh Chagger, Roop Singh Gusain, Rashmeet Kaur Bindra, Sunita Arora, Ruby Jindal, Bhupendra Kapoor, Sukhdev Singh, and Preeti Gupta were present.

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