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Mosquitoes will be reduced only through awareness, not through medicines.


May 1, 2024
Mosquitoes will be reduced only through awareness, not through medicines.

Anti-mosquito campaign going on in Indore with the help of 60 employees.

Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui | Indore | In a population of 45 lakh, 35 employees of Malaria Department and 25 employees of Indore Municipal Corporation are working to get rid of the problem of mosquitoes, but this number is less in comparison to the population. Fog machines or medicines are not effective in combating mosquitoes, but this problem can be combated only through the awareness of citizens.

Last evening, these views were expressed by the responsible officers in the talk show organized by the State Press Club, MP on the topic ‘Increasing outbreak of mosquitoes’. District Malaria Officer Daulat Patel said that although there are more than three hundred species of mosquitoes but ten-twelve Mosquitoes of this species spread the disease. Malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Japanese fever etc. are the prevalent diseases. Shri Patel said that thirty-five employees of the department in the district are regularly surveying the larvae and spraying Dawa with machines. This team is also doing the work of making the residents aware at various places. Also does. He suggested that citizens can spread crude or edible oil on their plants to prevent mosquito breeding. Pesticides can also be used cautiously.

Chief Health Officer of Indore Municipal Corporation, Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay said that the Municipal Corporation, Malaria Department or Health Department run anti-mosquito campaigns at their level but this is not a permanent option. He also said that this problem can be solved only through awareness of citizens. Mosquitoes breed in water tanks near houses, places where utensils are washed, where vehicles are washed. Stopping them at the place of their birth is an effective way to avoid them. He said that fog machines are effective as a temporary solution in big event venues, auditoriums etc. but in other places it is not a permanent solution. Dr. Upadhyay told that there are two fogging machines each in 19 zonal offices of Indore Municipal Corporation which spray medicine along with smoke every day in the evening. He admitted that half of these machines were faulty.

Head of Malaria Department of Indore Municipal Corporation, Brijlal Vishnar said that the outbreak of mosquitoes will reduce only due to intense heat and extreme cold, but in the current season, mosquitoes will breed in large numbers. He told that his team of 25 members works to remove water hyacinth from ponds, clean garbage in drains and sprinkle crude oil and medicine in open places. In the evening, medicines are also sprayed using smoke machines.

Dr. Madhav Hasani, Deputy Director of Health Department, Indore Division, said that the immunity of mosquitoes has also increased with time. Due to which mosquitoes are not being killed by coils, sprays or pellets, people are now killing them with electric bats. Dr. Hassani suggested that patients suffering from diseases like malaria, dengue etc. should be kept in mosquito nets so that the disease cannot be spread by mosquito bites. It is also the responsibility of the citizens to pour crude oil on water or moist places like cleaning or to dry and keep the place clean. In response to a question, Dr. Hassani said that there are 10-12 identified malaria patients in the city. The illness of these patients is certified by the government lab only. The government does not recognize the reports of private labs.

In the beginning, State Press Club President Praveen Kumar Khariwal, Secretary Akash Chowksey, Mohanlal Minister, Gagan Chaturvedi, Bansilal Lalwani welcomed the guest speakers. In the end Praveen Dhanautia expressed his gratitude.

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