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Message of second Ashra of Ramadan


Mar 22, 2024
Message of second Ashra of Ramadan

Tahir Kamal Siddiqui | Indore | There are mistakes made by humans in this world. His life becomes dark due to his crimes. But as soon as the month of Ramzan arrives, a series of good thoughts starts in life. Which becomes a reason for forgiveness till the middle part of Ramzan. The second Ashra-e-Maghfirat of Ramzan has started. This Ashra of ten days is for forgiveness from sins. The servants of Allah should beg for forgiveness from God for their sins and mistakes and shed tears for forgiveness from Allah.
If till now the time has been spent in useless things and precious moments have been neglected, now the remaining days of Ramzan should be respected with the spirit of forgiveness. Also, good deeds and remembrance of Allah are necessary for the fasting person so that he can get forgiveness from his sins.
What should we do when we realize our mistakes in the second Ashra (period) of Magfirat of Ramadan and how should we atone for our sins? It is better to repent truly and with a resolution that you will not commit any sin in the future. Crying and asking for forgiveness from God. In the fear of God, just a drop from the eye can become a source of forgiveness and the darkness of life can be erased. Insist on yourself to follow the righteous path which will help you sail across the river. What has someone said so well?
Whether the stains on your hem are washed or not, your good deeds are not weighed in your scales.
Repent of your sins today, God knows whether your eyes will open tomorrow.

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