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Memorandum given to Vice Chancellor regarding irregularities in many colleges.


Jul 11, 2024
Memorandum given to Vice Chancellor regarding irregularities in many colleges. A memorandum was given to the Vice Chancellor addressing various irregularities found in many colleges, urging action and resolution.

Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui – Indore

There have been many complaints against the college under code 28 regarding the college affiliated with Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore. But it has been seen for the last few days. Whichever organization complains about the college, they are pressured by outsiders to withdraw the complaint. Student leaders submitted a memorandum to Vice Chancellor Dr. Renu Jain regarding irregularities and complaints from many colleges. Prominent among those who gave the memorandum were Swapnil Kamle city working president, Sarfaraz Ansari state general secretary, Mithun Yadav state president of sports cell, Saurav Sharma state secretary, Shahzad Baba deputy sarpanch and others.

It was told in the memorandum that irregularities are happening due to the collusion of some university officials and college operators. There are many facts about it, in which no action has been taken till date on the complaint made 6 months ago. Just like no action was taken on complaints made several times in nursing colleges. Later, irregularities were found in many nursing colleges in the court investigation and a big nursing scam was Exposed in Madhya Pradesh. The image of MPMU University has been tarnished, similarly in Devi Ahilya University, if all these colleges are not stopped in time, then a big scam of Devi Ahilya University will be exposed in the future. Student leaders said that DCDC does not take any action, which shows that he is not serious about his post. That is why he should be removed from his post and a responsible person should be appointed to the post. So that action can be taken on the complaints of irregularities in the colleges and the image of Devi Ahilya University does not get tarnished in the future.

In this context, a memorandum has been submitted to the Vice-Chancellor. In which a complaint was made against DCDC Rajiv Dixit. When Rajiv Dixit was talked to in the Vice Chancellor’s chamber, he denied all the allegations. When the Youth Congress leaders asked to present evidence, she became silent. On this, the Vice Chancellor has taken cognizance personally and talked about taking action and also assured to take action on the complaints made earlier against the college. Youth Congress has said that if the work is not done within seven days, then the Youth Congress will protest in a phased manner.

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