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Measures to protect your virtual life.


May 23, 2024
Measures to protect your virtual life.

In the Cybercrime and Awareness class of the Indore Police, women members of the Ideal Charitable Group came to know, ways to protect their virtual life.

Gulshan Parathi | Indore | In order to curb cyber crimes by the Indore Police, various programs are being organized continuously with the aim of bringing awareness among people towards it. In this sequence, the date 20.05.24. Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime Indore along with the police team made the women of the Ideal Charitable Group aware of cyber crimes.

Additional DCP Crime Mr. Rajesh Dandotia at a program organized at Hotel Indore started under cyber awareness, while telling the women members of Ideal Charitable Group Indore at the 226th workshop, telling the types of current time cyber crimes and ways to avoid them, police of police Based on the case study of complaints of cyber offenses that come near, various types of cyber fraud-OTP fraud, frauds to be sent by sending fake links, OLX or e-commerce website by fraud, sextoring fraud and social media Informed about cyber crimes like cyber calling, fishing etc. to be done. Also, how to complain on cyber helpline-1930, cybercrime.gov.in and Indore Police’s cyber helpline 704912445 etc. in case of cyber crime and how the police take action on them and what are the things to avoid cyber crimes. Regarding etc practically explained.

He told everyone that the most soft targets of these cyber criminals of this virtual world are children, elderly and women. Since all of us are using many things online nowadays as well as social media etc. Therefore, be aware and cautious to avoid cybercrime and do social media and online financial work with full precaution and do not share your personal information with anyone.

On this occasion, officials and members of the Ideal Charitable Group Indore understood cyber security barricades and praised this campaign of Indore Police.

Under this campaign to make people aware of cyber crimes by Indore Police, if someone wants to organize a cyber awareness workshop in school/colleges, institutes, units, colony etc. or wants any information, then he wants to Indore Police Can contact at number 7049108197.

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