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Mahila Shakti Manch Gwalior organized a cultural program in Vande Bharat train.


Mar 22, 2024
Mahila Shakti Manch Gwalior organized a cultural program in Vande Bharat train.

Sandeep Shukla Gwalior : Mahila Shakti Manch Gwalior organized a cultural program in Vande Bharat train. A unique effort of cultural program organized by Mahila Shakti Manch Gwalior was a talent show in the running train Vande Bharat under which first of all Manvi Sharma presented Ganesh Vandana at Gwalior station and Liven presented a very beautiful Kathak dance. After that all the students of Mahila Shakti Manch performed a dance to welcome Vande Bharat train by holding diyas for Aarti on the song ‘Hey Shubharambh’. After that as soon as Vande Bharat train arrived at Gwalior station, it was welcomed with drums and all the students presented a colorful program during the journey of Vande Bharat in the train. In which the president Tara Shaha told that the program was called off with Ram Bhajan in the train. After that the children presented one better than the other dances and presented modeling in the fashion show and presented songs. This was a very historic program which was done in a running train. The purpose of Mahila Shakti Manch in organizing this program is that there is no place, no day, no time for talent, it can be done in any situation, at any place, at any time. The children gave one better than the other presentation in the program. After the program, the children were given awards by the railway officials and the President of Mahila Shakti Manch, Tara Shaha. The children also enjoyed one better than the other delicious food in the Vande Bharat train. President Tara Shaha said that she wanted to do something new and wants to tell all the talents that no matter what the time, no matter what the situation, you should not hide your talent. That is why by organizing this program in a moving train, Mahila Shakti Manch left a new historical mark. In this program, on behalf of Mahila Shakti Manch, along with Tara Shaha, Prabha Sharma, Shivani Jain, Sara Ji, Anuradha Agarwal, Kishan Chauhan were present. The names of the winning children were Manvi Sharma, Liben, Tanushka, Kant, Bhoomi, Harshita, Gungun, Sam Raghav. In this way, along with the journey in the Vande Bharat train, the closing ceremony was also completed with the performance and presentation of a very grand program. Mahila Shakti organized a very historical program in the Vande Bharat train and gave a new identity to talent.

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