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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Sector officers will determine critical and vulnerable polling stations in their respective areas


Mar 9, 2024
Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Sector officers will determine critical and vulnerable polling stations in their respective areas

INDORE Geetkar Damodar Virmal:- Booth level officer and sector officer of the polling station with high turnout will be rewarded – Collector Mr. Ashish Singh, one day training program completed.

Extensive preparations are going on in the district for the Lok Sabha elections. In connection with these preparations, a joint training program of Sector Officers and Sector Police Officers was organized here today in the newly constructed Lata Mangeshkar Auditorium. In this program, Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Ashish Singh directed that the work of election is very important, its preparations should be done with full seriousness as per the guidelines issued by the Election Commission within the time limit. All officers should discharge their duties and responsibilities with full seriousness. Sector officers will also be given the powers of sector magistrate. Sector Officers will act as the link between the Returning Officer and the polling parties in the election process.
On this occasion, Additional Police Commissioner Mr. Manoj Srivastava, Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Rajendra Raghuvanshi and related officers were also present.

In the training program, sector officers were given detailed information regarding identification of critical and vulnerable polling stations, determination of critical and vulnerable polling stations as per the guidelines and guidelines issued in this regard by the Election Commission of India, etc. Collector Shri Ashish Singh instructed in the training program that all the officers should discharge their responsibilities and duties seriously. They should visit their respective areas and submit information in this regard in the prescribed form. This information should be presented in the meeting to be held on March 13. Collector Shri Ashish Singh said that the work of election is very important. This work should be done with utmost seriousness. There should not be carelessness and indifference. All officers should work with full mutual coordination and team spirit. Negligence and mistakes in elections are unforgivable. He said that during the Lok Sabha elections, the BLO and Sector Officer of the polling station where there is more voting will be rewarded.

Chief trainer Dr. R.K. Pandey gave detailed training to the sector officers. Returning officers, assistant returning officers, police officers etc. of all the assembly constituencies associated with the elections were present in the program. It was told that to conduct the elections in an organized manner, more than 500 sector officers including general sector and police sector officers have been appointed in the district. 29 in Depalpur assembly constituency of the district, 30 in Indore-1, 27 in Indore-2, 17 in Indore-3, 19 in Indore-4, 33 in Indore-5, 26 in Mhow, 28 in Rau and in Sanwer assembly constituency. 26 sector officers have been deployed. Same number of sector police officers have been appointed.

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