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Lived lost due to negligence in Jaipur SMS Hospital


Feb 24, 2024
Lived lost due to negligence in Jaipur SMS Hospital

Jaipur, Rajasthan Rajesh Verma A 23-year-old man was allegedly given a wrong blood group transfusion at the government-owned Sawai Man Singh Hospital in the capital Jaipur, leading to complications in both his kidneys. The victim has been identified as Sachin Sharma, a resident of Bandikui town. He was admitted to the trauma center of the hospital after suffering serious injuries in a road accident in Kotputli town. SMS Hospital Superintendent Achal Sharma said that this matter came to light when Sachin was being treated. He said that the patient’s blood group was O positive but he was transfused with AB positive blood.

An official familiar with the matter said that due to wrong blood transfusion, complications developed in both the kidneys of the patient and he had to be put on dialysis, which further deteriorated his health condition and Sachin Sharma died due to this negligence. The Medical Minister immediately suspended three doctors including a nursing officer and ordered an investigation.

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