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Jain community will observe one day fast to show compassion and good feeling towards mute creatures


Jun 16, 2024
Jain community will observe one day fast to show compassion and good feeling towards mute creatures

Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani. Jhabua.

With the auspicious entry of Punya Punyashilaji M.S., a follower of Buddhaputra Pravartak Shri Jinendramuniji M.S., who is carrying forward the sacred tradition of Jain Acharya Pujya Shri Umeshmuniji M.S. “Anu” in the religious city of Thandla, the Ganges of religion is flowing in the Jain Dharma Sthanak. The audience is enjoying the Jinvani flowing from the mouth of Punya Punyashilaji M.S. Taking the support of Jain Aagam Acharyang Sutra, Punya Punya addressed the religious gathering and said that Bhagwan Mahavir Swami attained Keval Gyan Keval Darshan after twelve and a half years of intense meditation, after that he addressed the great creatures. Bhagwan said to the great creatures “Get up and do not be negligent”, so the question to you is that are you not awake…? Explaining the meaning of getting up, Pujya Shri said that today’s man wakes up immediately on hearing the ring of his mobile phone or sound of utensils, if he has to go somewhere, if he has a disease in his body or if he sees a frightening dream, but even animals have the good fortune of waking up like this.

If even a dog wakes up on hearing a slight movement, then there must be some mystery if God has insisted on getting up. Unveiling this mystery, Pujya Shri said that God is telling us to wake up from the sleep of attachment. Actually getting up is easy but waking up is difficult. We get up and get engrossed in seeing the external scenes. Till date, we have used these eyes only to see the external world, we go out to see the earth, water, vegetation and then get attached to them and form karmic bonds. He said that the creature is born from the object and place to which we get attached. Therefore, the time has come to wake up. Sleeping is the external vision while waking up is the internal vision. We make various efforts to see the external world. Gurudev has said in the first verse of Moksha Purusharth that the creature has got the rare human life, got the life of a terrified man and a cloud, got the mind, even got some words out of the 10 rare words, but if we do not use them properly, we will lose everything and we will not get it again.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-06-16-at-5.52.55-PM-1-1024x576 Jain community will observe one day fast to show compassion and good feeling towards mute creatures

In the third verse of Uttaradhyayan, while describing the rarity of man in God, it is said that a man can perhaps find a mustard seed in the mustard seeds as big as Mount Meru in 1 lakh yojanas of human life with the help of God, but after losing the human life, it is not going to be found. Therefore, the external vision will only make the object worth while if the insight opens up, it will make the life worth it and all this is possible only with firm faith in Jinvaani. On this occasion, Sadgunashriji said that no one wants to fail, no one likes to step back or accept defeat. The worldly people consider material prosperity as the parameter of their success, i.e. the person who has more material prosperity in the world, the more successful he is, but the wise people with a spiritual vision do not consider external success as success, for them external cheers but internal uproar is always going on. Through the Acharyang Sutra, God said that the one who conquers one Mohaniya Karma conquers all.

A person with Samyag Ishti will remain detached even in the material and sentient objects of the world. Pujyashree said that at the time of the first Tirthankar Bhagwan, he attained Samkit, but even after attaining the state of about 1 crore-crore Sagaropam, Bhagwan Mahavir Swami became the last Tirthankar, even he was stopped by attachment, but he was an awakened soul and so he also did the work of awakening everyone. Pujyashree said that the bond of Mohaniya Karma happens at every stage of life, so its reduction is also possible at every age. When the steadfast ascetic Jambuswami awakened at a young age, 526 other souls also attained the destination of salvation with him. In 16 years, Gajasukumal Muni broke the bondage of attachment due to his amazing patience, therefore every living being should make strong efforts and do proper efforts. In the religious assembly, former president Jitendra Ghorawat requested Pujyashree for stability for a few more days on behalf of the Sangh.

Giving information, Sangh spokesperson Pawan Nahar said that Punya Punyashilaji M.S. has the biggest Singhara in the Dharmadas Gan with about 26 Satiyajis, in which Pujyashree has Badnavar Chaturmas, while Anupamshilaji will have Bamnia, Nikhilshilaji will have Thandla, Suvrataji will have Petlawad and Kiran Balaji will have Ashta Chaturmas, the rest of the Satiyaji will remain under you. Kiran Balaji Mahasati Vrinda is on a pilgrimage to Ashta, while the rest of the Satiyajis are meeting at Petlawad from where everyone will travel for their Chaturmas. In the Varshitap going on in Thandla, Kokiladevi and Anokhilal Bothra were the beneficiaries of today’s Parana.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-06-16-at-5.52.54-PM-1024x576 Jain community will observe one day fast to show compassion and good feeling towards mute creatures

Organization of mass fasting

The Tirthankara gotra is bound by the religion of compassion for living beings. In such a situation, the followers of Jain society have been observing a day’s fasting penance with the feeling of compassion and kindness towards all living beings in their hearts as a protest against the cruel sacrifice of mute animals. Vardhman Khemraj Talera family has taken the benefit of the Parana of the mass fast.

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