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Introducing Saregema Talent Arjun Tanwar and his latest debut track ‘Banjare’

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Jul 10, 2024
Introducing Saregema Talent Arjun Tanwar and his latest debut track ‘Banjare’Discover Saregema Talent Arjun Tanwar and his latest debut track 'Banjare.' Experience the soulful music and captivating lyrics.

Mahesh Dhoundiyal – Delhi

Banjare, which first debuted at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival has now been released in India.

Saregema Talent Arjun Tanwar is all set to release his first song under the aegis of Saregama. Fresh off his dazzling performance at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, where Banjare first debuted, Arjun is now ready to also make the Indian audience groove with his brand-new single ‘Banjare’.

‘Banjare’ is a high-energy, exhilarating dance track that combines contemporary beats with a sprinkle of traditional magic. With groovy rhythms and insanely catchy melodies, this song is an open invitation to lose yourself in its lively tempo and heartfelt lyrics. Arjun’s dynamic vocals breathe life into ‘Banjare,’ making it the perfect anthem for anyone eager to dance away their worries. The magic of ‘Banjare’ comes to life with the visionary direction of Punit Pathak, whose creative touch brings vibrancy to the music video. The track’s pulsating beats are masterfully crafted by music maestro Abhijit Vaghani, ensuring every note strikes a chord with the listener and makes you groove. Adding depth to the song are the poetic lyrics by the talented Bhrigu Parashar, weaving words that resonate with the soul and spirit of the track.

Arjun Tanwar is no stranger to the spotlight. He first burst onto the scene as ‘Jimmy’ in Saregama’s international musical sensation, ‘Disco Dancer’. Since his early years, Arjun has thrown himself into training in music, dance, acting, and even gymnastics, aiming to become the ultimate performer. He was recently invited to perform at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, proudly representing India on the global stage. Saregama’s constant endeavor to redefine music makes them a cut above the rest. Introducing Arjun to the world, Vikram Mehra, Managing Director of Saregama says, “We are thrilled to launch the next Saregama Talent, Arjun, the singer-dancer par excellence. His dynamic performance coupled with the high-quality music production has given his first single ‘Banjare’ a chance to resonate with listeners all across. We wish Arjun success and hope that he becomes this generation’s biggest dancing popstar.”

With ‘Banjare,’ Arjun continues his rise to stardom, showcasing his incredible talent and infectious energy. This release is not just a song; it’s a celebration of life, freedom, and the joy of music.
Don’t miss out on this electrifying track. The official release of Arjun’s ‘Banjare’ is available on Saregama’s official YouTube page and all other major streaming platforms.

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