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Indore Police brought smiles to people’s faces by finding their lost mobiles


Jun 12, 2024
Indore Police brought smiles to people’s faces by finding their lost mobiles

Gulshan Paruthi Ujjain

Effective action taken by Crime Branch Indore Police on complaints received in Citizen Cop Application.

262 lost mobile phones worth about Rs 50 lakh returned to the applicants.

Lost mobiles have been recovered from various districts of Madhya Pradesh and other states of India like Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, Odisha, Haryana, Maharashtra, etc.

Expensive mobile phones of companies like iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung, Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia etc. were also recovered.

Till now in the year 2024, a total of 501 lost mobile phones have been returned to the applicants.

The trend of the public towards making online complaints on Citizen Cop Application has increased in the city.

Keeping in mind the problem of people losing their mobile phones in Indore city, under the guidance of Mr. Police Commissioner Urban Indore Mr. Rakesh Gupta and Additional Police Commissioner (Headquarters/Crime) Mr. Manoj Kumar Srivastava, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Indore Mr. Hansraj Singh and Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Indore Mr. Rajesh Dandotia have directed the Crime Branch to take effective action on the complaints received on the ‘Citizen Cop’ application being operated by Indore Crime Branch.

In compliance with the above instructions, * Crime Branch (Cyber ​​Cell) has achieved significant success by resolving the complaints of the year 2024 while taking action on the complaints of lost mobile phones of Citizen Cop application. Lost mobile phones which were running in various cities of the country including Indore, were recovered by the Crime Branch team. A total of 262 mobile phones have been seized, which include expensive mobile phones worth thousands of rupees. The recovered mobile phones include 01 iPhone, 13 OnePlus, 29 Samsung, 49 Oppo, 76 Vivo, 39 Redmi, 43 Realme, 01 Poco, 01 Honor, 02 Techno, 01 Nokia, 02 Motorola, 02 Honor, 01 Huawei, 01 Google, 01 Infinix etc.*

The Citizen Cop Application being operated by Indore Police Crime Branch is actually a phone application which can be downloaded by the general public through Google Play Store. In this application, apart from the contact numbers of administrative and police officials, other important features such as Report An Incident for directly making an online complaint or conveying information to the police regarding an incident and Report Lost Article for registering an online complaint with the police in case of theft or loss of any item have been provided.

In the Report Lost Article, a report can be lodged with the police directly through this feature on the loss of a mobile phone or any other item, in which the applicant receives a receipt related to the report along with the complaint number online, which he can use to block the lost SIM in the mobile, or to get a new SIM. Since this system is online, the applicant will no longer have to apply for lost mobile in the police station or other offices. On the complaint of lost/stolen property made by the applicant, the Cyber ​​Cell team of Crime Branch Indore conducts a search in the context of online complaint, as a result of which 262 mobile phones are being handed over to the applicants, so that the general public becomes aware of online complaints and there is confidence that their lost items can also be recovered through online complaints.

While taking action on complaints of lost mobile phones, if the applicant’s mobile phone is not found to be working after being lost, or gets damaged due to any reason, then in such a situation the mobile cannot be searched. If the mobile phone is not used after being lost, it is not possible to find it.

Indore Police appeals to the general public to use the ‘Citizen Cop’ Android phone application to send information about criminal activities and related complaints to the police directly through online method from home. This will not only save your time, but will also help the police to take immediate action on your complaints or information.

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