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Only a capable Guru is the true savior. Gunanuwad Sabha was organized on the 89th birth anniversary of Muniraj Shri Kalapurna Vijayji Acharya Shri Sthalibhadra Suri.


Mar 26, 2024
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Bureau Chief Rahim Sherani Hindustani |Jhabua | Only a capable Guru is the true savior of his disciple, the one who receives the blessings of his Guru, never faces any major troubles in the life of that disciple, whatever comes, they go away very quickly by the grace and blessings of the Supreme Guru. ”The above quote was written by the most respected Panyas Pravar Muniraj Shri Kalapurna Vijay Ji. His initiator was Guru Shri Sthulibhadra Surishwar Ji Masa. Expressed in the Gunanuvad Sabha held on the 89th Incarnation Day, you said that it is very important for the living soul who for his self-welfare gives up all the comforts and luxuries of this material world and accepts the path of restraint, for him to have a Guru. Who makes his disciple worthy by the power of his knowledge, penance and sadhana. You said that my initiator Guru was a great ascetic and influential Acharya, who did many wonderful works during his lifetime. During the 37 years of his ascetic life, by following pure Charitradharma, he attained Kaladharma in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, but his divine blessings are with us even today. Describing the importance of the Guru’s qualities, Yashwant Bhandari, President of Shri Vighnahara Charitable Trust, said that Pujya Acharyashri was a great saint of the Jain Sampradaya. At the age of just 17, he accepted the initiation of a sage and dedicated his entire life to self-welfare and welfare of the world. You served your Guru Shri Labdhisagar Suriji amazingly for 10 years when he was unwell. You visited many cities and villages in South India for years and created an unprecedented religious influence there. You were a great erudite teacher. In the Gunanuvad meeting, Shravak Ratna Dharmchand Mehta, O.L.Jain, Mrs. Kiran Kataria, Yogesh Jain Bapu, Ashok Kataria, Gyanchand Mehta, Subhash Kothari, Nikhil Bhandari also threw light on the importance of the qualities of Pujya Acharya Shri through their words.

Started with Gurupada Puja…..

Giving information about the organization of the program, media in-charge Rinku Runwal said that in the beginning of the Gunanuvad Sabha, the beneficiaries Mrs. Bindu Yashwant Bhandari, Nikhil, Shardul, Hiya Jinash Bhandari family offered flowers on the picture of revered Acharyashree, lit the lamp and performed the puja with prayer. Also seated on the platform were Pujya Panyas Pravar Munishree Kalapurna Vijay Ji and Pujya Muni Shri Devchandra Vijayji Masa. Received blessings from him by worshiping and worshiping his feet. Collective Samayik and Prabhavana were distributed. On the occasion of the 89th birth anniversary of Pujya Acharya Bhagwant, a collective Samayik was also distributed by the Shravaks and Shravikas of Shri Sangh. Also, Prabhavana was distributed in the form of cash on behalf of Jitendra Kumar, Bharat Babel, Shriphal, Yogesh Jain, Sanjay Dharamchandra Mehta, Gyanchandra Mehta, Leelabai Bhandari, Jayesh Chandrashekhar Kanthi and Nikhil, Shardul Bhandari. At the conclusion of the Gunanuvad Sabha, Manglik was recited along with chanting of mantras by respected Panyas Pravarji. A large number of Shravak Shravikas were present on this occasion.

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