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Dead body of unknown person found, police trying to identify him.


Mar 25, 2024
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Rajesh Kumar Verma | Jaipur | The dead body of an unknown person has been found in an empty nadi located near the pasture land behind the under-construction agricultural college located at Phulia Kalan subdivision headquarters of Nav district headquarters of Rajasthan. According to the information, in the morning when a woman went towards the nadi to graze a cow, the dead body was found. She got scared after seeing it. After which the nearby villagers and the police were informed, the police reached the spot and took the body into their custody. Efforts are being made by the police to identify the body. The same information came to light that the body could be about 1 to 2 days old. There are some wound marks on the body of the unknown person as if it were wounds from itching, however the police is trying to identify him on other grounds including social media.

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