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Police busted it in 24 hours 77 lakh 78 thousand rupees cash went missing from a house in Morena.


Mar 24, 2024
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Bureau Chief Pawan Paruthi |MP | 77 lakh 78 thousand rupees cash went missing from a house in Morena.This theft spread sensation in the area, However the police found the thief within 12 hours of the incident. While cracking the case, the police have recovered all the cash. Actually the thief turned out to be none other than the complainant’s daughter-in-law. The police have arrested the daughter-in-law and one of her associates. This incident happened in Rithora police station area of Morena district. Rs 77 lakh kept in the cupboard of a property dealer living in Badwari village went missing on Thursday-Friday night. After 12 hours of hard work, Rithora police named two people in connection with Naqabajani and recovered the stolen money from their possession. According to the information, property dealer Bhanu Pratap Balmik had sold six bighas of land in Piperseva a few days ago. Some of his money was deposited in the bank and Rs 77 lakh was kept in the cupboard at home.
On the night of Thursday-Friday, the property dealer was sleeping with his father on the terrace and his daughter-in-law Sangeeta Balmik was sleeping in the room below. At night, Sangeeta called Andori Bhind, called her colleague Arvind to Barwari and gave him the amount of Rs 77 lakh from the cupboard. When the property dealer checked the money in the cupboard at 8 am on Friday morning, it was found missing.
Case When Rithora reached the police station, TI Jitendra Dohre interrogated the complainant’s daughter-in-law and she confessed to the crime and told that she had handed over the money to Arvind. The police raided and caught Arvind and recovered the money from his possession. Police have made women Sangeeta and Arvind accused. Both will be presented in court on Saturday.

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