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Police station Padav arrested a smuggler who brought ganja in a trolley bag along with 14 kg 800 grams of ganja.


Mar 20, 2024

Gwalior Pavan Paruthi:- Police station Padav has taken the second action within a week against the illegal drug Ganja.

 A total of 14 kg 800 grams worth Rs 1 lakh 45 thousand and a trolley bag were seized from the smuggler.

Gwalior. Date 19.03.2024 – Keeping in view the upcoming Lok Sabha elections-2024, on the instructions of Superintendent of Police Gwalior Mr. Dharamveer Singh (BJP), Gwalior Police is taking effective action against those who buy and sell illegal drugs, illegal liquor and illegal weapons. Has been. In this context, Additional Superintendent of Police City (Central) Shri Akhilesh Rainwal instructed all the police station in-charges under him to do effective checking of vehicles and suspicious persons in their respective police station areas.

In compliance with the instructions of senior officers, under the able guidance of CSP Inderganj Mr. Ashok Singh Jadaun, station in-charge, Padav NRI Ila Tandon, received information from an informer that smugglers involved in illegal drug smuggling were supplying ganja by train in Gwalior. On the above information, a team of police station Padav was deployed for checking outside the railway station. Today, on 19.03.2024, the team of Thana Padav police was checking on Main Road Laxmanpura outside platform number four of the railway station by interrogating the people coming and going from the platform and the suspects coming out of the platform, when a young man came out of the platform carrying a trolley bag. came out. Seeing the police checking, he tried to hide. When the police team got suspicious, the youth was stopped by the police and asked for his name and address, then he told himself to be from Rudkali Talab Ali Police Station Bhopa Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) near the well mosque. When the police asked the said youth about the trolley bag, no one could give a satisfactory answer. When the police team became suspicious, they opened the trolley bag and found a white plastic sack inside it. When the sack was opened and checked, it was found to be filled with the illegal drug Ganja. On weighing the illegal drug ganja found in the trolley bag, its weight was found to be 14 kg 800 grams and worth approximately Rs 01 lakh 45 thousand. Which was duly seized by the police team and a case under IPC 114/24 Section 8/20 NDPS has been registered against the said ganja smuggler in the police station and taken up for investigation. The smuggler caught by the police team is being interrogated in relation to ganja. Police station Padav has taken the second action within a week against the illegal drug Ganja.

Seized Mashrooka:- A total of 14 kg 800 grams worth Rs 01 lakh 45 thousand and a trolley bag were seized.

Commendable role:- Police station in-charge, Inspector Ila Tandon, Uni Rohit Chaudhary, Uni Sudeep Parmar, Uni Rajveer, P.R. played a commendable role in catching the said smuggler. Pramod Sharma, constable Sanjeev Yadav, Ravi Yadav, Ravindra Kansana played a commendable role.

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