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Commissioner inspected the cleanliness system of the city, inspected Rajshahi GTS, door to door garbage collection work and Rajwada


Mar 18, 2024

Indore Geetkar Damodar Virmal:- 16 March 2024. Just one day after assuming charge, Commissioner Shri Shivam Verma inspected the cleanliness system of the city from 7:00 am today. Additional Commissioner Mr. Siddharth Jain, Superintendent Engineer Mr. D.R. Lodhi, Chief Health Officer Dr. Akhilesh Upadhyay and other departmental officers were present during the inspection.

Commissioner Shri Shivam Verma first inspected the GTS located near Hotel Rajshahi. The Commissioner took information regarding how garbage is brought to GTS and how it is disposed of. On this, Additional Commissioner Mr. Siddhant Jain told that GTS have been constructed at many places in the city, where the segregated garbage is brought to the GTS of the said area through door to door garbage collection vehicles. The waste is sent to the plant located at the trenching ground for further processing.

Commissioner Shri Shivam Verma also took information regarding the maintenance work of garbage collection vehicles and other vehicles of the corporation. On this, it was told by the concerned officer that the corporation has a main workshop where the maintenance work of the corporation vehicles is done, along with this, if any vehicle gets punctured or gets damaged in any area, it can be immediately repaired on the spot through the workshop. Work is done and if there is any major repair work to be done on the vehicle then it is brought to the workshop. Along with this, door to door cleaning and washing of garbage collection vehicles is done on all the GTS of the city.

After this, Commissioner Shri Shivam Verma inspected door to door garbage collection vehicles in Kanchan Bagh, Nath Mandir area. Information regarding the work was taken from the garbage collection vehicle driver. Also, information was taken about whether the garbage comes segregated or not.

Along with this, after taking information from the regional CSI regarding the zone area, how many wards, which area falls in the zone, the commissioner gave instructions to the employees engaged in cleaning work to wear masks compulsorily. Door to door garbage collection vehicles were also inspected by the Commissioner. Information was also taken regarding how much type of waste is collected in the vehicle and how it is disposed of.

Commissioner Shri Shivam Verma inspected the cleanliness system in Nath Mandir Road, High Court Square, Regal Square, Shastri Bridge, Palika Plaza, Maharani Road, Krishnapura Chhatri, Rajwada and other areas. After the Commissioner found the cleanliness system of Rajwada area good, the concerned officers and employees were praised for their work. The Commissioner said that the work of cleanliness system is a challenging one and maintaining it is also a big task.

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