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A unique confluence of artists and creators was seen in Kalacorner’s acting school.


Mar 18, 2024

About 1000 contestants participated in the workshop on the first day.

  • Indian film, television and theater actor and director Rajendra Gupta joined the acting school.

Indore, Geetkar Damodar Virma l March 16, 2024: The workshop of ‘KalaCorner’ (KalaCorner) Acting Shala, organized by Diffr, spread a lot of positivity for the talents of the city. This workshop was conducted by renowned Indian film, television and theater actor and director Rajendra Gupta, who provided in-depth knowledge of camera, stagecraft and television acting techniques to the contestants. In such a situation, the contestants participating in this workshop got to learn the methods to deal with the difficulties faced while joining the Bollywood industry and the important things to join it.

Around 1000 contestants participated in this workshop organized at GSIMR College, near Hotel Marriott, Vijay Nagar, Indore and got a chance to learn a lot through it. This has greatly increased the expectation of increase in the number of contestants on the second day of this two-day program.

On this occasion, Pulkit Jain, Founder of Differ said, “Any aspirant in the field of art who has a low budget and wants to avail facilities related to this field and is not in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Hyderabad. Where will such candidates get opportunities? Keeping this in mind, we started Differ. For this, we launched our website and application, so that all the talents can list their talents there and people who are looking for these talents can They can choose them through the website and the app. It is a very easy process.”

In this discussion corner, actor Rajendra Gupta said about Defer’s efforts, “Such platforms can prove to be a very important medium to reach the talent to the audience, general public or those who are hoping for their future in this field. Are.”

This is the first event of its kind organized in the city, in which a unique confluence of artists and creators was seen. All of them believe that such events should continue to be organized in the city, so that talents continue to get wings to fly. Till now there was no such platform, but by removing this shortcoming, Defer has become a meaningful medium to give new identity to the city’s talents. In such a situation, it will prove to be successful for those who want to come forward in the field of creativity and create their own identity. According to the contestants, during the workshop the guest gave very detailed information on the related topic, which is not easily available.

It is an event that encompasses all forms of creativity. From poetry to music, theater to cinema, lights to sound, Art Corner has something for everyone. As such, the event is living up to its promise of catering to the needs of the audience including actors, models, photographers, video editors, photographers, content writers, graphic designers and others who are looking to explore and learn from various aspects of the industry. Looking forward to joining. What could be a better opportunity than this to showcase your skills? So you also join Differ’s ArtCorner program.

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