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The condition of Pratibha Patil, the first Governor of Rajasthan, is critical


Mar 15, 2024

Jaipur, Rajasthan Rajesh Verma: Former President Pratibha Patil (89) complained of high fever and chest infection, after which she was admitted to a hospital in Pune on Wednesday night. Her condition remains critical. A big update has come regarding the health of former President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, who was the first woman Governor of Rajasthan. Actually, he has been admitted to the hospital due to sudden deterioration in his health. At present, doctors are treating him and keeping an eye on his health improvement.
It has come to light that the 89-year-old former President was suffering from high fever and chest infection, after which he was admitted to a hospital in Pune on Wednesday night. His condition remains critical.
It is noteworthy that Pratibha Patil has the distinction of being the first woman Governor of Rajasthan. She was the Governor of the state from 8 November 2004 to 23 June 2007. Whereas only after this he got the honor of reaching the highest post of President of the country. She served as the 12th President of India from 2007 to 2012. She also became the first woman to become the President of the country.
The politicians of Shekhawati of Rajasthan have dominated till the highest posts of the country and the state. Former President Pratibha Devisingh Patil is the daughter-in-law of Chhoti Losal of Sikar.
She originally comes from Maharashtra. Her husband Dr. Devi Singh was born in Chhoti Losal. His father Ransingh along with his family went to Chandrapur village situated on the banks of river in Maharashtra for employment and cotton business. Devi Singh married Pratibha Patil in 1965 in Maharashtra. After becoming President, Pratibha Patil also came to Chhoti Losal.

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