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Narayan Singh Nayak (Dilip Nayak), Principal of Meghnagar C,M, Rise School, was appointed Education Officer.


Mar 14, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani, Indore Assistant Commissioner Tribal Affairs, Jhabua, through letter number 1603, the Education Officer in-charge of development block Meghnagar of Jhabua district, Mr. G.S., Devhare, Principal Girls Higher Secondary School, Meghnagar, has given the post of Development Block Education Officer Meghnagar due to health reasons. A request has been made to be released!

Due to this, keeping in view the important work of local examinations and the end of the financial session, as per the proposal of Assistant Commissioner Tribal Affairs, Jhabua, Shri Narayan Singh Nayak, Lecturer SIEM Rise School, Meghnagar, Principal Incharge, Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Rambhapur Development Block, Meghnagar, has been temporarily appointed as his Along with the current responsibility, the government financial authority for carrying out the work of Development Block Education Officer, Development Block Meghnagar Jhabua district is handed over till further orders. The stream of people congratulating Dilip Nayak on being awarded the post of Education Officer of Meghnagar Development Block continues.

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