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The poster of Kanchan Adhikari’s new content film ‘Janmarun’ was launched in the presence of Lok Sabha MP, NCP State President Sunil Tatkare.


Mar 10, 2024

Rajkumar Munde:- Famous actress, writer, producer and director Kanchan Adhikari is coming in front of the audience with ‘Janmrin’, a film with a very intimate theme. The poster of this film based on a true story was recently launched in the presence of Lok Sabha MP and NCP state president Sunil Tatkare. From March 22, the audience will once again enjoy watching the multi-dimensional acting of actor Manoj Joshi and actress Sukanya Kulkarni, the popular pair of Sharad and Sudha Joshi among the Marathi audience in the popular serial ‘Abhalmay’.
Talking about the film, Sunil Tatkare said, “Kanchan Adhikari’s film deals with a very different and sensitive subject. The story with great social content along with amazing performances from actor Padmashree Manoj Joshi and actress Sukanya Kulkarni, The audience should definitely experience the charm of Konkan in this film.”
The pain on Sukanya Kulkarni’s face lost in the dark void and the calm, composed, tense expression on Manoj Joshi’s face as everything falls apart reflect the depth of the film’s theme. The happiness on the face of actor Tushar RK, who has set out to step towards new horizons, arouses curiosity. The red sky and the plane flying in it introduce the deeper content of the film. The white ‘Janmrin’ logo on dark red inside a light black circle is very attractive and seems to be a symbol of gentle, calm and restrained love of parents. The beautiful compound-houses of the village reflect the times of the place.
Parents give birth to children and when the children grow up, parents still love their children even in old age. But there is a difference in the case of children. Parents get separated from their children and then the parental tragedy begins. So in such a situation, should parents recognize the movement of time and take precautions beforehand? How to protect your assets till the end? How to recognize the changes in children as they grow up? Writer, producer, director Kanchan Adhikari is coming up with a film ‘Janma Ran’ which gives a new perspective on relationships.
The Hindi serial-film stars Manoj Joshi, Sukanya Kulkarni, Sushant Shelar, Tushar RK, Anga Atul, Shashi Pendse, Pragya Karandikar, Dhananjay Mandrekar, Darpan Jadhav, Viraj Joshi, Kapil Pendse, Siddhesh Shigwan and guest stars. Actors Mahesh Thakur, Niharika Raizada have acted. Janam Anrem’s story – Kanchan Adhikari, Manjushree Gokhale’s dialogues and DOP Suresh Deshmane’s camera highlights the beauty of unbroken Konkan. Composer Vaishali Samant and singer Sudesh Bhosle, with musical score by Vaishali Samant, this story touches the heart straight. Do watch this film in a theater near you on 22nd March and get a new perspective.

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