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This is a government fire set in the government’s ministry of corruption, debt and crime: Jitu Patwari


Mar 9, 2024

Bhopal, Gulshan Paruthi:- 9 March 2024 Fire is the result of the feud between the present and former Chief Minister: Umang Singhar Madhya Pradesh Congress President Shri Jitu Patwari has asked Chief Minister Mohan Yadav and the BJP government regarding the fire in Mantralaya Vallabh Bhawan in the capital Bhopal that five The Bharatiya Janata Party government has repeatedly set fire to Vallabh Bhavan. Who is responsible for this? Which file got burnt? Which department was burnt and why has no action been taken till date?

Mr. Patwari and Leader of Opposition Mr. Umang Singhar reached Vallabh Bhawan along with the Congressmen and took information from the officials regarding the reasons for the fire. When they did not get satisfactory answers from the officials, Mr. Patwari and Mr. Singhar sat on a dharna along with the Congressmen.

Mr. Patwari said that there was a fire and it could not be extinguished even after five hours, so we had to come. This fire is an official fire set by the Bharatiya Janata Party government of corruption, debt and crime, it is a fire to hide the sin of corruption. The fire in Vallabh Bhawan is a conspiracy hatched to erase the achievements of the government busy in corruption, debt and crime. The fire in the ministry before every election and corruption documents worth crores being destroyed is not a coincidence.

Leader of Opposition in Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Shri Singhar said that the fire is the result of the feud between the present and former Chief Minister, the internal feud of BJP is coming out in the form of Vallabh Bhawan fire, it is a loss to the public, after all, fire safety. Why does BJP not answer why the system audit was not done?

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