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Strong and powerful initiative of Gwalior police station Bijoli on Women’s Day


Mar 9, 2024

Gwalior Gulshan Paruthi:- Ghunghat to make the women living within four walls self-reliant, a competition was organized for sowing and plowing by driving a tractor. The women holding the rolling pin and sickle held the steering wheel of the tractor for the first time…looked very happy.

Under the guidance of Gwalior Superintendent of Police Mr. Rajesh Chandel, on International Women’s Day, a unique competition was organized by the new trainee IPS Mrs. Anu Beniwal and SDOP Behat Santosh Patel on behalf of Gwalior Police in Ratwai village. IPS, who is undergoing training as Bijoli police station in-charge for three months, has stopped the transportation of illegal minerals in the last one week. After creating an atmosphere of terror among the mining mafia, an excellent innovation was done by the IPS along with the police staff to empower the women, in which women were given training in driving tractors and then on Women’s Day, a tractor driving competition was organized in which women wearing sarees Women participated enthusiastically.

Seeing the positive results of the training and competition, the Superintendent of Police himself reached Ratwai village and honored the mothers, sisters and daughters driving tractors there and inspired them to be equal to the men.

The aunt of Kamlesh Jat village told that he had never held a steering wheel in his life except a rolling pin and sickle. It felt great to plow with a tractor today. In future, sowing and plowing of my crops will be done on time because I myself can go to the fields with a tractor.

The new daughters-in-law also plowed along with IPS Anu Beniwal and said that they will also drive the tractor along with the roller.
A girl, Ambika, says that she wants to become a journalist but in the initial phase, her brother tore her diary saying that this is not your work but today the same brother was asking me to drive a tractor with the police.

Elderly grandfather Bhanwar Singh Rana said that our daughters-in-law used to lock themselves inside the house after seeing the police. I have seen the face of some of them for the first time and never thought that they would drive a tractor.
The police expressed gratitude to Ravindra Rana of Ratwai village and the entire villagers.

SDOP Behat says that women does not mean weakness of man but wing of man. Only those who have a strong woman behind them can fly high.
IPS Anu Bainiwal says that being a woman, it was my duty to show women the world outside the veil, hence our police made efforts and will continue to make efforts to empower women in future also.

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