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Explosive found in Bikaner flour fed to cows… Three cows died due to mouth blast, people angry


Mar 9, 2024

Jaipur, Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) The brutal activities with animals are not stopping in the Bajju subdivision area of Bikaner district. On Friday, 2-3 cows died due to potash blast in the mouths of animals in Rohi of border Barsalpur village. Villagers and animal lovers expressed anger over this incident. When a large number of villagers gathered at the incident site, Ranjitpura police reached the spot and got the post-mortem of the animals done by the medical board.

Animal lovers said that the incident came to light when the cattle rearer’s cow came home and its mouth was torn by the blast. After this, many other animals had died due to the blast in Rohi. Villagers told that all the animals died due to blast in their mouth. The cattle injured by the blast are undergoing treatment. Case registered against unknown Head constable Gokulram said that cattle rearer Sitaram Meghwal registered a case that his cow had gone to Rohi for wandering. When she returned, she was screaming in pain and her mouth was torn. She got treated, but could not survive. A case has been registered against unknown people on this matter.

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