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Map of residency area prepared through drone, after completion of revenue survey work, land owners will get the benefit of revenue facilities


Mar 6, 2024

Indore Geetkar Damodar Virmal:- The work of the first phase of revenue survey in the residency area of the city has been completed. In the second phase, the process of verification of documents is going on. After the completion of the second phase of work, land owners will get the benefit of many revenue facilities. Unserved Residency Area situated under Indore City which is currently Residency Area of Tehsil Juni Indore, Patwari Halka No. 3 Town comes under Indore. Whose geographical area is approximately 1030 acres, which is currently an unserved area. Whose land survey work is being done. In the first phase, draft maps have been prepared by the Revenue Department by using drones.
Subsequently, the notification to start the land survey under the second phase has been published by the Commissioner Land Records and Settlement Office, Gwalior on 12 May 2023. As per Revenue Survey rules, after the notification has been issued by the Commissioner of Land Records, notification has also been issued by the District Survey Officer.
The residency area was an unserved area when the notification was issued. Once the revenue survey work is completed, the landholders of the residency area will directly benefit from it. It is convenient for transfer of land, resolution of demarcation related problems, ease in buying and selling, establishing dispute-free ownership, ease in land acquisition, ease in resolving revenue related issues, paperless land records, as well as for public use roads. Ease of conservation and assessment and disposal land/government land can be easily conserved.
At present the work of the first phase has been completed. Landowners have been requested to submit their documents in the second phase from 6 March 2024 to 15 March 2024 in room number 112 of the Collector’s office from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. After verification of the documents, government records like Khasra, Map, B-1 will be created and the status of a non-city will be obtained as per the law.

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