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Major action taken against illegal excavation of Murom. Three Poklane machines and four dumpers were seized.


Mar 6, 2024

Indore Geetkar Damodar Virmal:- On the complaint of illegal excavation in village Machla of the district, today SDM Rau Shri Vinod Rathore, Tehsildar Rau, Naib Tehsildar and other revenue staff found illegal excavations on various packed areas of government land survey number 248 located in village Machla. Three Poklane machines were captured while carrying out excavation. SDM Rau Shri Vinod Rathore said that out of these, information has been received that one Poklane machine is operated by Sunny Jat resident of Dudhiya and two Poklane machines are operated by Rajesh Mukati resident of Pipalda. A dumper filled with Murom was caught from the spot while illegally transporting Murum. Three other dumpers have been caught helping in illegal excavation. The team of Mineral Department, Indore was called on the spot and the delivery of three Poklane machines and four dumpers was handed over to Assistant Mineral Officer Shri Jaideep Namdev on behalf of the Mineral Department and confiscated. The land and area of illegal excavation is being assessed so that the amount of penalty for illegal excavation can be calculated.

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