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Neither helicopter nor Mercedes car… The groom left with the wedding procession on 101 tractors, people kept watching.


Mar 1, 2024

Jaipur, Rajasthan Rajesh Verma’s wedding procession in Barmer district has no helicopter, no elephant, no horse and no glitz… yet this wedding is making headlines. This unique wedding procession was taken out on 101 tractors.
In this era of fashion of taking wedding processions in long and expensive vehicles, a young Sarpanch from West Rajasthan made his marriage memorable. To keep his culture alive, he reached his in-laws’ house with a procession on 101 tractors. This scene has become a topic of discussion throughout the district.
Everyone is surprised to see a unique wedding procession in the border Barmer district of western Rajasthan. In the unique procession, there was neither a long convoy of expensive vehicles nor were any efforts made for show, but despite this, this procession has remained a topic of discussion in the area, because in this procession, instead of a convoy of vehicles, farmers were present. There was a convoy of 101 tractors called ‘Humdam’ and the groom himself had come to pick up his bride sitting on a tractor.
Actually, Hanuman Ram, Sarpanch of Bilasar Gram Panchayat of Sindhari subdivision area, got married to Kamla of Nakoda village. The procession reached Nakoda village, located 10 kilometers away from the groom’s house. Here Hanuman Ram took seven rounds with Kamala, taking Agni as his witness.
During this time, more than 500 wedding guests reached the bride’s house riding on 101 tractors. Seeing this scene everyone has been forced to bite their teeth. Wherever the convoy of tractors, about a kilometer long, passed, villagers, women and children kept watching it.

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